Highlights Lu De and Friends-the Late Night Show on Oct 23,2020

Jojo, Canada Himalaya Club, Twitter: @CanadaHimalaya

(Dr. Yan as Guest) President Trump Question who is “the O”; U.S. Media: If Biden Dealed with CCP, should quit immediately; Response to NBC’s smearing on LUDE Show

• Washington Journal published an article and said Joe Biden should drop out of the presidential race immediately if it’s true that Joe Biden accepted the brides from the CCP controlled entities. Because their panel consists of journalists who represent both left and right, Washington Journal is considered neutral. This article will definitely influence a lot of swing voters in the U.S.
• The Loan agreement between Hunter Biden and BHR’s CEO, Xiangsheng Li (Johnathan Li), has been revealed and showed Hunter Biden borrowed BHR’s money to buy the 10% equity stake in BHR. The Bidens sold out the U.S and made American people pay for their lunch with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).
• NBC discredited Lu De Media and the whistleblower movement on the various truths we brought out. We are ready to fight back against those mainstream media.
• President Trump tweeted and implied that Obama was also involved in Biden’s corruption with the CCP,saying “ I wonder what “O” was thinking when he heard that one?” Now President Trump and Whistleblower Movement are on the same page of “the hard drive from hell.”
• Dr. Yan had an interview with a famous Spanish Anchor, Iker Jimenez on ‘Informe Covid’. This episode has gone viral in Spanish world.
• Dr. Yan fights back at those CCP’s puppets in the scientific society on the show. She also thanks to our fellow warriors from the Whistleblower Movement for their tremendous efforts to spread the truth about the virus, both online and offline.

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