CCP Virus Pandemic Ep265: COVID-19 virus can be spread through the air.

The CCP tightened up its censorship. Some big channels of news, entertainment and social media including NetEase, Douyu and Sina were recently summoned by the Cyberspace Administration for corrections.

The US’s ban on microchip supplies is a fatal blow to the PLA enterprise Huawei. Over a dozen companies including Intel, AMD, TSMC, Samsung, Sony and others have cut off their supply to Huawei, and Huawei has begun to dispose part of the mobile phone business. Meanwhile, six  10-billion-scaled microchip R&D projects in five provinces of Jiangsu, Sichuan, Hubei, Guizhou, and Shaanxi have also failed.

The CCP’s evil police demolished the people’s dwellings by force. They suppressed the protest of the peaceful people by force.

Because the CCP Ant Group threatens the security of the United States, the US State Department plans to blacklist it.

(Reuters, 10/14) Researchers have used the Fugaku supercomputer to model the emission and flow of virus-like particles from infected people in a variety of indoor environments. Their findings suggest that the use of humidifiers may help limit infections during times when window ventilation is not possible. The study also indicated that clear face shields are not as effective as tighter fitting face masks in preventing the spread of aerosols. There has been a growing consensus among health experts that the COVID-19 virus can be spread through the air.

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