The National Health and Health Commission: The New Crown Vaccine Price Must Be Within the Public’s Acceptance

Chinese to English by: Himalayan#8560

October 21, the Joint Prevention and Control Organization of China State Council held a press conference introducing the COVID-19 vaccine. Zheng Zhongwei, leader of the vaccine R & D team said that the pricing for COVID-2019 vaccines shall be determined by the enterprises in the first place. At the same time several basic principles shall be followed. 

1. Attribute of public product. As a public product, the pricing of vaccines shall not be based on the relationship of supply & demand, but on the cost of the products. 

2. In reference to the public’s willingness and demand for the vaccines. 

“Therefore, I assure that the price of China’s COVID-19 vaccines must be affordable for the public.” Zheng said.

He shows that there is more than one factor influencing the prices. In addition to the cost, the production capabilities, the coverage, technical methods and the cost of the vaccines also vary. For instance, the production of inactivated vaccines requires high-level biosafety workshops, and thus the cost will be relatively high; while that for adenovirus vector vaccines, influenza virus attenuated vector vaccines, nucleic acid vaccines and recombined protein vaccines will be lower. Whatever it is, the cost of COVID-19 vaccine must be afforded by the public.

Then, after successfully developed and marketed in China, vaccines are expected become a globally-demanded product and we’ll certainly provide a fair and reasonable price to the world. In addition, it is necessary to make COVID-19 vaccines accessible and affordable underdeveloped countries.

Comments from Translator: In my memory, when Chinese parents take their children for various vaccines shooting since their kids are an infant, “imported”vaccines are preferred, which imply much better and safer choices. My relatives working in vaccines say China has bad record in developing qualified preventive products, including vaccines, especially for human being. Technology and conditions required to deactivate the viruses are very tough as to make them safer for human body.

Therefore, the news claiming vaccines for COVID-19 are ready for people within China as well as exportation leaves many doubts, needless to say, countries with better records in vaccine developing still frown to COVID-19.

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ccp must go to hell, take down the ccp


Oct. 24, 2020