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When Joe Biden denied all allegations regarding the famous hard drive in the latest debate with Trump, a black and white contract between Hunter Biden and Bohai Harvest RST (Shanghai Equity Investment Fund Management Co Ltd) expose in the Lude media on 23/10/20.

It is quite a preferential contract to Hunter Biden, a PRC investment company lent RMB 1,012,896 to H.Biden, allowing him to complete the RMB 3,000,000 committed capital to get a 10% equity interest from Bohai Harvest RST (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd(BHR). And the loan paid in USD.

This contract dated Jul 10, 2017 is a solid proof of Hunter Biden gets financial bribery from China government.

Bohai Harvest, from their website, it operates as a private equity company. The Company runs cross border merging, cross border acquisitions, investment transactions, and other businesses, serves customers in United States and China.

The Original lender on the original loan agreement is Mr.Xiangsheng Li (a HK resident), who is the CEO of BHR. A new lender, named Ms Xin Wang (a Canada passport holder), who is a venture partner of BHR. According to intelligence, she is one of the illegitimate daughters of PRC vice president Wang Qishan.

According to the loan agreement, the lender can disburse the loan to the account of BHR directly or to any account designated by Borrowers (Hunter Biden), that means if the borrowed RMB 1,012,896 could have gone to Hunter’s personal account in theory.

The interest rate is as low as 6.5%, but this is not the only bargain. Furthermore, both interest payment and the repayment of the loan can be applicable to an extended maturity date. Does it mean no due date? Here it is, in the “Whereas”part of contract terms, the maturity date already extend from 4/12/2017 to 13/12/2019. It is hard to believe that such financial arrangement has been designed in such a poor performance way that this is actually arranged by professional equity professionals for themselves.

This contract enters into a loan agreement date June 30, 2017. The lender make certain advance to Skaneateles (1 of the borrowers) for the purpose of the funding registered capital to BHR. Since the original Lender did not have sufficient funds to make entire loan, a New lender stepped in to make a direct loan to borrowers with the amount of US$158,000 on December 4,2017. We have to say this contract is to make sure that Mr. Hunter Biden got the money without any delays. Are there any lenders ever exist in the world, being so generous to prepare a back up financial support, to ensure someone else can get into his investment in time? Mr. Hunter Biden is truly a favored borrower.

According to Mr. Miles Guo (Guowengui), the leader of the whistleblowers movement, an interview of him conducted in 2017, BoHai RST is actually control by Wang Qishan’s, family.  Wangqishan is current Vice President of the People’s Republic of China. One of his illegitimate children is the main shareholder of BHR, another main shareholder is also an illegitimate son of a top lever CCP leader (possibly, Xi Jinping). Clearly, the Biden family has been compromised by CCP at least from 2013, the early contact with each other has to be earlier.

Mr Miles Guo (Guowengui) will expose more intelligence from now. Gnews will continuously bring you more breaking news.

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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take down the CCP

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ccp must go to hell


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