Hunter Biden” and “Chinese Communist Party (CCP)

On October 24, 2020, Gnews media published the evidence of Hunter Biden and Xiangsheng Li (李祥生)’s loan contract, which has Hunter Biden’s signature, and the contract shows that the loan was used to pay for Bohai Huamei (渤海华美)’s registered capital, seemingly simple loan contract which has a complex relationship of interest behind it. Xiangsheng Li is the general manager of the Bohai Industrial Investment Fund Management Co (渤海产业投资基金管理有限公司), and the shareholders of Bohai Huamei, an affiliate of Bohai Industrial Investment Fund Management Co., include Hunter Biden, who holds 10% of its shares.
Bohai Huamei (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Company Limited (渤海华美[上海]股权投资基金管理有限公司) was incorporated in the Shanghai Free-Trade Zone in 2013. The entire Bohai system is jointly owned by the CCP central government owned enterprises and local governments, and its financial strength mainly comes from the fact that it centralized the resources of a number of state-owned enterprises, including the Bank of China, and China Post Bank, etc., which confirms the Bohai system’s deep political background in addition to the financial support and guarantee provided by various financial institutions and banks. The purpose of allowing Hunter Biden to hold shares in Bohai Huamei is very clear, as his father, Joe Biden, was in the White House as Vice President of the United States at that time, through the delivery of benefits to the family of American politicians, to achieve the coercion by interests and deliberate BGY purpose. Nonetheless, Hunter Biden is just the tip of the iceberg that “CCP” planted in the Western world.

Author: 繁体的追逐 on October 24, 2020


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take down the ccp, God bless the kind people

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ccp must go to hell

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