Treason Commercialization: Blue-chip corporations collude with the murderous CCP regime

The genesis of the Bidens’ hard-drive-gate debuts all of us a, no offense, ‘X years a slave (2020)’. One question remained to be asked is, why it matters to all of us.

In case you couldn’t recall the plot of the must-watch movie ‘Spirited Away’, below may do the favor of reviving the ups and downs of the story.

The unsuppressed circulation of the hard-drives scandal concerning Biden family computes the long-ciphered gene mapping of how the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) orders American elites to fool ‘deplorables’ into blindly financing Blue Chip sweatshops. The process of deploying and inheriting the CCP evil scheme under the guise of aggrandizing Blue Chip creative corporations can be called Treason Commercialization.

American jobs are off-shored to pay the bills of processing the CCP’s metabolic wastes in China and worldwide. However, the CCP, along with its American Marxist apostles, as an exchange surreptitiously infiltrate the United States in all spheres of administration, legislation, judiciary, education, finance, NGO, media, technology and more. With an ongoing, invisible & CCP sponsored mutual funds invest or Advertising support high-tech companies, social media censorship accelerates, social conflicts soar, provoking deplorables to fight against other deplorable American people.

As a deplorable member, and now one of the ‘evil-slayers’ according to the CCP’s propaganda for attending the Whistleblower Movement launched by Mr. Miles Guo, I hope all deplorable and old hundred names (老百姓) could armor our spirit, soul and body, halo ourselves with the truth the Whistleblower Movement has exposed, as immunities against potential transfigurations into roast pigs, and arise to proton-pack the unrestricted evil CCP that dynamites GRACE and MERCY.

Courtesy of the screenshot: Movie ‘Spirited Away’ by Studio Ghibli

Perhaps the first and foremost LIVE WikiLeak of the CCP-lead American treason commercialization was the one that screened on the 19th of April, 2017, when an interview of Mr. Mile Guo, the initiator of the Whistleblower Movement, was out of a sudden cut off by the Voice of America, in America, at the time when Mr. Guo unearthed venomous witchcrafts of the CCP No.1 Villain Wang, Qishan.

But the profound meaning of that event didn’t quite bugle the alarm of the American public then, who might at best question the truthfulness of their press. Today more than 3 years later, we are witnessing another history, polyphonied by the CCP and American elites (part of the government officials & entities at the front-tier while Wall Street & big techs at the back), who have kidnapped us into their manipulation of ‘the Simulation Hypothesis’. Ironically, the very conduit – technology, masterminded to firewall us from the truth, is now taking on the contours of 3 hard drives and unloading the malicious weight of what that 4/19 VOA Live broadcast cutoff has been always implying. The CCP, with the assistance of the American elites, is winnowing the family name of the United States and taking over the running of the land. If that foreign bin Laden’s jets were nodded to tear the hearts of thousands was brutal enough to strike people’s awareness, then compared to 911, I could almost hear social elites would argue, that American treason commercialization in exchange of the CCP’s infinite offers of gold, sex and underage sex, organs and drugs doesn’t even make a sound or damage to elites themselves.   

I was asked once why there are China Towns everywhere in the west but no other Asian towns. I wasn’t quite able to answer it at the time. All I knew was that I could handily shop a few things that would satisfy my west-east kitchen experiments. Precisely, for you and me, everything looks just normal. They are grocery shops, newspaper stands, restaurants, or massage shops; they are prestigious technology professionals, finance experts, real estate dealers, businessmen and -women; they are politicians, pastors, political and human-right activists, dissidents, lobbyists; they are media outlets obtaining choices of their political stands; they are social media platforms that promote connections and sharing economy; they are IoTs that evangelize convenience and speed; they are Confucius Institutes that act as bridges of east and west; they are Belt and Road bases that are hubs of global connections; they are energy deals that benefit people; they are companies purchased by the CCP that otherwise have no chance of survival; they are overseas domains, Wall Street IPOs… Indeed, everything looks just normal, except for the fact that they are not always the case.

That is the very essence of the CCP Unrestricted Warfare – for anyone to believe it is a quasi-mission impossible: every single attack doesn’t spell attack; every crime complies with the law & order; every deal, macro or micro, is merely a paper away. They don’t smell, sound, display. They just exist. They create a ‘China Town Effect’. They earn trust just by being who or what they are, doing what they do. They look Chinese and American just like me and you. That’s why, if we don’t fight and expose the evil scheme behind those so-called normal undertakings, more innocent people will be modified to only understand the CCP’s scripts with/without them noting it, and the CCP is winning.

Understanding the essence of treason commercialization lies in self-patronizing social elites have been furtively ordered, bought, or controlled by the CCP’s evil scheme, we will know why there are some progressive leftists who prefer to believe that the 3 hard drives are entirely malarkey. That’s why a few exposures of the CCP’s espionages, global inclinations of surrendering to the CCP, the reports of the human right abuses in HK and Inner Mongolia. Instead, the mainstream media have launched global propaganda campaigns covering up the truth of CCP virus, whitewashing Antifa violent looting as peaceful protests. That’s why a CCP-backed, Midland mayor-guarded fake pastor Bob Fu is portraited by social media and some congressmen as a trusted and faithful pro-democracy pastor, while Mr. Miles Guo, a real fighter vowing to take down the CCP as CCP agent. That’s why Twitter and Facebook have the spine to stand for their apparent depravities of free-speech ridicule. That’s why associations, fake facts, no fact in the mainstream media triumph over standalone facts. That’s why almost all world-class experts attempt to vanquish Dr. Yan’s scientific reports on the origin of Covid-19 (CCP virus). That’s why some Antifa and BLM leaders are found to be Marxists. That’s why the incitation of kids hate-speaking against President Trump finds its ground.

As such, CCP top crime families can just dial a call, in the casualty of vacuuming all assets of the Chinese people and having them shipped to the US with a special pass at the blink of genie velocity. So the Obama-Biden administration was able to route American national security to the CCP and traded the intelligent information of 36 anti-CCP Chinese CIA agents in China, having them all secretly executed by Xi, including some of their underage family members and even a pregnant woman. Regardless of the hard facts, Joe Biden, a puppet of the CCP criminal regime is strongly assertive that his and his family’s outrageous crimes have been wiped out with the CCP’s fingers-crossed and mainstream media’s covering up reports. All of these facts present that all Biden’s handshake collaborations, all his electoral promises, are de facto treason-fuelled traffics escorted but soul-cuffed in the CCP highway.   

I wish all CCP’s evil crafts only exist in the pixels of an interface, but they don’t. So, all mankind and this presidential election in the U.S. have no choice but to take down the CCP and its elaborately disguised criminal agents involving in all political, economic, scientific, medical spheres.

Author: Joyphie 【㊙️ G-Translators/Authentic Writing Team】

Proof-reader: Voice of Heart

(This article only represents the author’s opinion)

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