Four Vantage Points of Traditional Chinese Wisdom in Problem Analysis -Part 3

Today we move on to the third vantage point that we must take on board traditional Chinese Wisdom, which has been passed down for thousands of years. It not only reflects the Way of Cosmos, but also human nature. We should see the essence through the phenomena and respond to the ever-changing phenomena with unchanging laws. The law inherent in human society not only matches the Way of the Universe, but also human nature. These theories have been elaborated in the first series and will not be repeated here.

The fourth vantage point is that we must comprehend modern western civilization, to understand its advantages and drawbacks. We cannot stay within the Chinese vision only, which limits us from seeing the points.

In order to comprehend how modern western civilization was created, we must stand at its vantage point to explore the historical origin and to understand its advantages and drawbacks. We should learn to adopt its advantage only rather than everything so we are able to leverage our strengths to offset our weaknesses. That is how we will be able to learn and surpass. Once we have the wisdom, we will know what we should adopt and what we should discard, like Miles Guo, who is not completely westernized in terms of learning everything. He realized the existing problems of the West and the importance of avoiding all kinds of rubbish. As a result, we would not be completely westernized because it would not make us better. So many countries around the world are taking their cue from the United States, but is there any one that has surpassed it? If we want to be better, we must be like the human digestive system, bad things are turned into excrement and discharged and good things are absorbed in. Therefore, the key to adopting the West centers on accepting the essence and rejecting the dross.

We must have a digestive system, a nation and an ideology, which is what Miles Guo speaks of as the Eastern Soul and Western Skill.  The Eastern Soul must be rooted in the Chinese traditional wisdom; and the Western Skill means to learn the advanced and essential things of the West. We should learn all the good things and correct all the bad things. Only in this way can we be better.

We will stand at the four vantage points to analyze the root causes of various social problems in China in the next episode. Please stay tuned.

Author:Lily, 三尺文飞

Translator: Squirrel

Original opinion article by Himalaya Manor Canada – 2020/10/20

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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