10/18/2020 Bannon on Sky News Australia【Highlights】

【Highlight 1】On October 18, 2020 Bannon on Australian Sky News:Where and how the hard drives got into the hands of Rudy Giuliani and his lawyer; however, Twitter suspended stories posted by legitimate press “New York Post,” but permitting those illegitimate or hacked information about President Trump and the First Lady of the US spreading around

【Highlight 2】On October 18, 2020 Bannon on Australian Sky News:What stunned me the most is how broad and deep with other CCP controlled companies the Biden are in business. Joe Biden lied about this I mean, Joe Biden said categorically. My family has nothing to do… no Financial relationships with China, the Chinese Communist Party.

【Highlight 3】On October 18, 2020 Bannon on Australian Sky News:I don’t think Joe Biden, today, can get a security clearance.

【Highlight 4】On October 18, 2020 Bannon on Australian Sky News:The emails details exposed the open greed of the Biden family: ask for 10m a year form the CCP; set up a joint venture fully financed by the CCP; and enjoy benefits via equity holding of the business. The brazenness of the Biden is extremely stunning!

【Highlight 5】On October 18, 2020 Bannon on Australian Sky News:1st email message released by the New York Post showing that Hunter Biden was trying to arrange a dinner for executives of the Ukraine energy company, Burisma; however Joe Biden has been denying that in public, even in his public debate with the President Trump and also claimed publicly that his family has nothing to do with China. This email can verify that Joe Biden has been lying to the Americans all the time.

【Highlight 6】On October 18, 2020 Bannon on Australian Sky News:Twitter shut down the New York Post’s tweets and spread the lies that the hard drive was hacked. The social media oligarch and Silicon Valley are out of control and America is in the crisis that effectively ends freedom of speech.

【Highlight 7】On October 18, 2020 Bannon on Australian Sky News:Hunter Biden cannot even remember which repair store he dropped off his laptop as he was drunk when he dropped it off; the mainstream media and big Tech were bought off by the elites and Twitter even alleged hackered materials, but instead it’s from the hard drives – turned in by Hunter Biden.


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