The Lutheran News Agency exposed the CIA informant betrayed by Biden-three members of Tianjin Tongbaoguo's family were killed, and a pregnant woman in Xinjiang was shot and killed during labor

Early on October 19th, Eastern Time, the Revolutionary Lutheran News Agency exposed the details of the CCP’s killing of CIA informants betrayed by Biden, An Tong Baoguo, a conscientious woman from Tianjin, China who wanted Chinese democracy and others. Luther News Agency shocked the world after alerting the world to the truth about the CCP virus on January 19, and now it is unique among the global self-media with absolute intelligence advantages.

The position of Tong Baoguo of the Ministry of National Security of Tianjin is a confidential secretary. The confidential secretary refers to the secretary who is engaged in the translation, processing and custody of classified documents and messages in the high and middle-level leading organizations of the Communist Party of China and the more confidential organizations, and is also a leader. Personal assistant. Lutheran News Agency revealed that Tong Baoguo was deceived into the conference room and executed the shooting directly without any judicial proceedings.

Among the CIA informants who were secretly executed were even pregnant women who were in labor from Xinjiang. According to the expected date of delivery for about ten days, they failed to escape the clutches of the CCP and brutally killed the pregnant women and their children. Of the 36 informants who died clearly by Luther News Agency, 17 were women. The family members of the informants were the least included in the life-long CCP blacklist, and the most serious were direct killings.

The CCP does not have any human rights under the rule of law, and its hands are stained with blood. God opened his eyes and made Mr. Guo Wengui launched a revolutionary movement that shocked the world. The US presidential election will determine the direction of world civilization. American citizens have no choice but to help President Trump re-elect to continue human civilization, otherwise Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet, Wuhan is your future. Take up your weapons (votes) and cast votes that will determine your own destiny when you have power.

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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