Lude Media Reveals More on Vicious Biden-CCP Collusion

Oct. 19, Lude Media Morning Episode. revealed more astonishing information about the vicious collusion between Joe Biden as the Vice President of Obama Administration and the Chinese Communist Party, from the recently uncovered “three Hunter Biden hard drives”. Here are some takeaways from the live broadcast. 


On Oct. 14, Lude revealed that the Obama-Biden administration sold out 36 CIA informants to the CCP. Today, more details are released. These informants were called in to a meeting room and shot to death right after they arrived at work in the morning. There were no trials, no chance of appeals, but a signature on the verdicts according to the CCP’s Regulation on the Implementation of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Guarding State Secrets

Lude mentioned that ,among the 36 CIA informants in different parts of China, there were more than ten females, about 20 from CCP’s Ministry of State Security. One informant in Xinjiang was only ten days from child delivery. Another one named Tong Baoguo in Tianjin City was killed together with her husband and child. Li Hui, who was said to be an American-born-Chinese and worked in the security department was also killed. 

Three CCP officials who executed the murders were Fang Fenghui (now arrested) from People’s Liberation Army General Staff Department, Yang Hui from Joint Staff Department of the Central Military Commission Intelligence Bureau, and Man Yongping from Ministry of State Security. 

The U.S. government has detailed information of these informants, including their photos. The New York Times had news coverage on this event in May 2017, Killing C.I.A. Informants, China Crippled U.S. Spying Operations (New York Times, May 2017). Part of this report was misinformation. For example, the time should be 2012 and since, not from 2010 to 2012. 

The families of the victims are either killed or under CCP’s surveillance and control, including no access to credit cards or traveling by flight, wearing ankle monitors, no eligibility for certain jobs. 


The informants sold out by the Obama-Biden administration had something in common. They were all qualified Chinese people who had well-paid key positions in the core departments of the CCP establishment.  They had access to the top secrets of the CCP and saw the evil of the regime and its collaborators. They took the side of justice and  conscience, and worked with CIA to take down the CCP. They didn’t associate with evil. 

The intelligence community was hit hard after the sellout and death of these informants. People felt less confidence and security which weakened the intelligence workforce. This partially explains why the Hunter Biden hard drives were held and covered by FBI for many months. 


Why did Biden sell out these informants?  

According to Mr. Miles Guo’s live broadcast earlier, President Obama gave the then Chinese General Secretary Hu Jintao a box as a gift during his visit to China in 2009. Hu didn’t dare to open it but returned it to Obama. Obama and Biden thought Hu as incapable of “partnership” and gave him up. 

Later, they handed the box to Xi Jinping. Xi opened it and saw the top secret of his CCP rivals, which was the information of their wealth transferred to the U.S. and family map including illegitimate children hiding in the U.S.. This provided Xi with a weapon to wipe out his opponents within the CCP and gathered tremendous power and wealth all to himself and his faction. This led to fiercer battles between the gangs in the Party, and the “Biden hard drives” as a result. 

Behind all these were the then U.S. government and Wall Street. Biden has been in office for 47 years and allegedly deeply collaborated with the CCP. He worried that after Xi as a new CCP leader took power, his deals would be uncovered. So he took the initiative to contact Xi and formed an ally. They were doing each other a favour, Biden helping Xi to eliminate his opponents, and Xi helping Biden cut off source of evidence of his corruption and crime. Their hands were full of the blood of the Chinese people. 


After the assassination of the Chinese CIA informants, Xi mentioned the “cooperation” to foreign leaders at multiple occasions. Biden also bragged about “saving Xi” in different situations. Leaders of many other countries saw it and followed suit. This led to a disastrous collapse of the western intelligence systems in Communist China. Many secret agents were sold out and killed. Ukraine as a center of intelligence exchanges saw the death and disappearance of many spies and agents. 


This is the consequence of the collaboration between the CCP and some western politicians. No matter which faction takes control of the CCP, whether it’s Xi or his rivals, it will be the same result. It’s an evil, selfish and disgraceful deal between the CCP and its partners. Those who fighting for justice and the common welfare of the peoples were the victims. The world is faced with not only the CCP, but a global collusion of the dark forces. 


Lude revealed another detail  in the Hunter Biden hard drive, an email from a person named Bao Jiaqi to Hunter Biden and Robert Biden. According to Lude, Bao Jiaqi, real name Bo Tiantian, is an illegitimate daughter of Bo Xilai. Bo Xilai, as the head of one faction in the CCP, was a major political rival of Xi Jinping and competed with Xi for the leadership in Communist China, but was defeated and sentenced to prison because Biden provided Xi with his information. 

Image from Bao’s social media account

It is said that, originally, Xi and Bo were both puppets of the Shanghai gang, aka Jiang-Zeng-Meng Faction (Jiang Zemin, Zeng Qinghong, Meng Jianzhu), the hidden boss of the CCP. Jiang Zemin was the CCP leader prior to Hu Jintao and Xi Jinping. But with the help of Biden, Xi’s power expanded significantly and Jiang-Zeng-Meng Faction felt the threats. According to Lude, the Jiang-Zeng-Meng Faction is the real provider of the three Hunter Biden hard drives. 

Bao Jiaqi, the daughter of Xi’s rival, was the person who operated the delivery of the hard drives. According to Bao’s Resume, she graduated from Arizona State University and Tsinghua University, did her internship and worked in CCP government departments. She was about to marry Jiang Zemin’s grandsong, Jiang Zhicheng, but somehow didn’t. She worked for Ye Jianming as the major contact person between Ye and Biden, and calls Biden “uncle”. Ye Jianming is said to be the “white glove” for Xi Jinping to help Xi collaborate with foreign entities. Ye was arrested after Xi found out that Bao was working for him and allegedly delivered the hard drives to the U.S.. 

(The relationships are so complicated that more information needs to be released to have a better understanding of the full picture. For now, we still don’t know exactly how Bao Jiaqi sent the hard drives, why her email is included in the hard drive, or where she is now. Stay tuned for more information at Lude Media.)

The reason Jiang-Zeng-Meng Faction would provide the Trump Administration with the Hunter Biden hard drives is because, they worry that once Biden is elected, he will definitely let Xi have their top secrets, thus, take over their power and fortune thoroughly, and put an end to their wealth empire. The puppet they’ve chosen has now taken control of the army, the finance, the politics, the diplomat and the police force in China. Once Xi gains partnership with the U.S. government, the other CCP factions will be rooted out from America. The CCP is known for doing anything to protect their wealth and genes. This is the motivation of their evil deeds, as well as their weakest point. America is their lifeline. Whoever controls their secrets in America controls them. 

For the common people, the deplorables, if Xi and Biden are in power, the CCP will continue to expand its power throughout the world and dominate the globe. There shall be no future of humanity. 


“Three hard drives” refer to three parts of the scheme, including materials of Hunter Biden and his family, the CCP senior cadres’ wealth and family maps, and Xi Jinping regime’s bioweapon and global domination scheme. Biden kept denying all the accusations, for he thought everything was safely covered. However, as Lude pointed out, the CCP factions all have the dark materials, even Iran, Russia and Ukraine have them. What we see so far is only the tip of an iceberg. 

The reason that so many countries and the science communities kept silent about the pandemic was that with the help of Obama-Biden administration, Xi’s regime has become excessively powerful. No one was able to challenge it, not to mention some were collaborating with it. 


Lude mentioned a person named Wang Huning, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CCP Central Committee and former Director of the CCP’s Central Policy Research Office. He worked as the brain of the CCP propaganda. But he was removed from office recently, which is a signal of some big battle within the CCP. 


Among the CIA informants sold out by the Obama-Biden Administration, there were some entrepreneurs who knew the secret deals in the business world. They were also murdered. The hard drives tell the world that informants working for various countries in Communist China were all sold out by the countries they were working for. This is also why Mr. Miles Guo doesn’t work with FBI or CIA. 


The 2020 American Election is really unprecedented. It’s connected to the destiny of the Chinese people as well as the world. It’s true that America has a system of separated powers and seems unlikely to have a highly centralized wealth and power like the CCP has. But many of the elites, say, the congress, Wall Street, academia, big techs, social medias, are all kowtowing to the CCP and taking advantage of the 1.4 billion Chinese people. The CCP is good at using loopholes of your systems and weaknesses of human nature to compromise you and everything you behold. It’s like a dark hole. If not stopped, the CCP will eventually take over the world. Lude pointed out that, for the 2020 Election, the Biden Campaign has raised three times more fund than the Trump Campaign. Besides, the CCP is able to interfere the election with its propaganda, hacking operations, bribing, fake mail-in ballots, etc., to help Biden win the swinging votes. Joe Biden is no less evilly connected with the CCP than his son. 


Lude trailered that the following episodes would have more information on the Biden crime and others. A U.S. stock market enlisted Chinese Company named “RYB Education” (NYSE:RYB) is allegedly associated with the child abuses and sexual assaults that appeared in the hard drives, where there’s evidence of Hunter Biden abusing little Chinese kids. 

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This is both a fascinating and frightening read. Biden(s) deserves the firing squad.

6 months ago

So do the CCP and deep state.

6 months ago

Biden family must have to pay what they did to Chinese.
Send them to hell.

Reply to  littlepink

I agree 100% and the Chinese people deserve retribution before 2020 ends.

6 months ago

The CCP and Deep State of the U.S. deserve retribution before 2020 ends.

Chinese People≠Chinese Communist Party≠CCP
You are Wumao of the CCP . You and your family will be rapped by the CCP.
Take care!