Blood-Surging panic triggered by three hard drives about Biden family


Aristotle said, “Man, at his most perfect, is an outstanding leader of all the animals. But when he is isolated from law, justice and morality, he becomes the worst, the most vicious and the most brutal animal……”

As the US election enters the so-called “October Surprise” phase, both the Democratic and Republican presidential campaigns will be doing their best to dig up evidence of the other’s lethal taints. The “October Surprise” in 2020 refers to Lu-De Media’s report on September 24th  about Three Hard-Drive Gate incidents involving Hunter Biden and his family, followed by subsequent New York Post reports on October 14th, 15th, 16th  concerning Hunter Biden’s Computer-Repair-Leak Gate. Despite Biden campaign’s characterization of Computer Gate as stigmatized political manipulation, Biden Computer-Repair-Leak Gate and Hard-Drive Gate incidents are still in ferment and under further development.

When the details of three hard drives are being shown to the public step by step, are you feeling the bottom line of human morality has been breached over and over again? Are you starting now at some point to truly understand what Miles Guo aforementioned “BGY” plan as well as the illegal deals, rivalries, conspiracies and interests between the dark forces hidden behind it? Miles Guo announced to the public in 2017 that the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) had a complete “BGY” plan to control the world and this plan included Blue (control the Internet), Gold (buy influence with money), and Yellow (seduce key people with sex). Now we are feeling distinctly the power of the “BGY”in terms of scope and extent of coverage of people from different fields involved in Biden family hard drive incident. Every day we have to challenge ourselves and could not help asking, with a shudder, what is wrong with the world? Why do we live in a world where the Universe is upside down, goodness and evil are reversed, humanity is degenerated, civilization is destroyed, full of magnificent brutes and even of the devils on earth?

In the past 40 years, the CCP’s “BGY” has infiltrated into every corner of the United States of America, accordingly, its freedom, democracy and rule of law have been replaced by the intrinsic suppressions of a totalitarian system. We have been reassured that Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, Miles Guo and etc. are the Chosen Ones to fulfill God’s will. For that mankind can find the light again, someone has to step forward. The swamp is so muddy and the dirty water is so deep, and only with the help of God can the swamp be drained and the space belonging to each of us as citizens be returned.

However, have you ever pondered the question of why there are devils and beasts among us, and who changed them from normal human beings to devils and beasts? The history of human evolution had been one of degeneration for badness rather than evolution for goodness. When people still stuck to virtue of altruism, righteousness, manners, wisdom and trustworthiness, Darwin’s Theory of Evolution strikes people to firmly believe that they were superior animals, and the human society became the animal world of the jungle, so more and more magnificent brutes emerged. Further along with the poisoning of Marxist thoughts, human beings eventually degenerated to devility trying to enslave all mankind through Shang Yang’s ideas, five apologetics of state power, class conflicts and unrestricted warfare, human beings became inhuman, brutal and shameless, unscrupulous, and with no boundaries. Communism itself is a cult and the reason why the CCP’s “BGY” worked so effectively all over the world lies in the strategies the evil communism regime has utilized to the ultimate extent to stifle people’s divinity and humanity as well as stimulate people’s animality and devility.

To quote from the promotional video of traditional Chinese wisdom to re-alert human beings: All problems are human problems, and all human problems are the problems of people’s mind, and the people’s mind can only be changed through the democratic and legal political system (the rule of law) and education (the education of humanity). Today, all mankind is at the crossroads of deciding what future we are heading for. Whether we want to drift with the tide and let animality and devility flood over us and ultimately destroy all mankind? Or to swim upstream, return humanity, and awaken divinity. This is the choice of our times, and it is the choice of every one of us.

Author:Squirrel【㊙G-Translators/Authentic Writing Team】

Proof-Reader:Voice of Heart

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