10/19Financial News: China’s experimental $1.5 million giveaway of digital yuan on Sunday

Image Source: Reuters
  1. Ant Group wins approval from Chinese regulators for the Hong Kong leg of its blockbuster IPO: Ant Group has won approval from the Chinese securities regulator for the Hong Kong leg of its initial public offering (IPO), CNBC has confirmed.
  2. Japanese pension funds may hold key to the Chinese JGB puzzle. China has ramped up purchases of low-yielding Japanese government bonds. China’s surging JGB purchases are therefore either technical or political.
  3. Azerbaijan and Armenia, supported by Turkey and Russia respectively, and the confrontational stance that Ankara is taking in the East Med conflict are threatening to upend European energy supplies.
  4. (Mainland)The price of corn rose by one thousand yuan per ton! Expert: The disaster is not the main cause. After the Double Ninth Festival, the price of corn rose sharply, and the average price of spot corn exceeded 2,600 yuan per ton, setting a new high in the past four years.
  5. China’s experimental $1.5 million (1.16 million pounds) giveaway of digital yuan to Shenzhen citizens ended on Sunday with acclaim from currency analysts – and skepticism from some users saying they preferred existing shopping tools like the ubiquitous Alipay app.

By【Financial and Law Team】

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1 year ago

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