A fightback against WSJ: PAG is CCP’s overseas hired-thug, HNA’s last scheme is a screwup


On October 14, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), one of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s overseas propaganda organs, published an essay titled Exiled Chinese Businessman’s Manhattan Apartment Is Put in Bankruptcy stating that a palatial Manhattan residence occupied for years by Mr. Guo Wengui has been put under bankruptcy protection as the subject of a lawsuit brought by an investment fund, who was asking for more than  $100 million from Mr. Guo because of an outstanding loan on one of his business.

This WSJ report is just vague rhetoric that the details of the aforementioned investment fund and the lawsuit, as well as the business of Mr. Guo and the outstanding loan are not made explicit on the paper. However, the unexposed truth avoided by the WSJ is crystal clear to those who are familiar with the Whistleblower Movement (WM).

With Mr. Guo’S 3-year continuous effort of exposing the dirty deeds done by the HNA Group, Wang Qishan and other CCP kleptocracy bandits groups, the Party has already fallen into a drastically internal rat-race and chaos, and the HNA kingdom has collapsed. Wang Jian, the former Chief Executive of the HNA Group was assassinated by the CCP due to his knowing too much of CCP’s secrets; the well-known trillion-level commercial giant plunged into a deep of $700 billion debts; Wang Qishan, the once-thriving and invincible vice chairman of the CCP regime has been detained by his own party, approaching his the dead end. This crooked WSJ’s report insulting Mr. Guo and Mr. Stephen K. Bannon seems extremely absurd and vicious when the CCP regime is seen to be at stake while the global anti-CCP movement supported by The New Federal State of China (NFSC) is surging.

PAG is indeed a CCP’s overseas hired-thug

The investment fund referred to on the WSJ’s report that filed a lawsuit against Mr. Guo over his Manhattan luxury apartment is the Pacific Alliance Asia Opportunity Fund (PAX), which is a subsidiary of PAG and also an overseas affiliation of the HNA group. The Fund is a member of the criminal financial empire of Wang Qishan. In view of continuous exposure of the vicious facts of HNA and other CCP kleptocracy bandits groups, Mr. Guo has confronted the utmost suppression and attack from PAG who has been trying hard to wrap Mr. Guo into endless lawsuits with constant allegations.

In June 2017, PAX, filed a complaint against Mr. Guo with the district court in Manhattan seeking repayment of a total of $87.52 million for a loan debt to PAX that was personally guaranteed by Mr. Guo. Even though the CCP despicably confiscated Mr. Guo’s domestic assets of roughly $17.65 billion,  it still ordered its overseas agents and running dog media to shamelessly collect debts from Mr. Guo. Fortunately, those absurd and ridiculous accusations against Mr. Guo have been denied by the court three times so far. Apparently,  PAG is an indeed hired thug of the CCP.

The bankruptcy of Genever Holdings LLC has no connection with Mr. Guo

As reported, the palatial residence’s owner is Genever Holding LLC. That means the property is not registered in the name of Mr. Guo,  who is just a tenant at that residence. It has nothing to do with the legal dispute between PAG and Mr. Guo. PAG is willfully soliciting some excuses to defame Mr. Guo and Mr. Stephen Bannon with all sorts of intrigues and maneuvers like usual.

The legal dispute might derive from the hatred and revenge of HNA towards Mr. Guo. The Pangu Plaza (Morgan Plaza), a piece of architecture art devoted by Mr. Guo with years of hard work, was arrogated by Wang QiShan and other kleptocracy bandits in 2018. Pangu Plaza was valued at about $5.3 billion at that time, however, the CCP kleptocracy bandits forced it to be auctioned off for only $0.4 billion. On September 19, 2019, while recalling the most favorite work in his life, Mr. Guo said firmly that Pangu Plaza would never belong to any individual and organization but the entire human society regardless of CCP deforcing it with its ruling power. Pangu Plaza carries a mission of changing the destiny of 1.4 billion Chinese people. Mr. Guo alerts the national entrepreneurs that today’s Pangu Plaza implies their future.

What the CCP and its hired-thugs have done to Mr. Guo just like when a robber takes your house and still asks you to pay all the cost of building the house. Their hideous acts have broken the boundaries of humanity, and the theft crime they have committed is millions of times worse than an average criminal burglar.

Coincidently re-encountered the southern district court of New York

The essay reported in the last section that James L. Garrity Jr.,  the US bankruptcy judge was assigned to be in charge of the voluntary petition for non-individuals filing for bankruptcy solicited by Genever, and Goldberg Weprin Finkel Goldstein LL was appointed to represent Genever in the case.

According to some reports, Judge Garrity Jr belongs to the political left and is disgusted with President Trump and Mr. Stephen K. Bannon. It is interesting to find out that Judge Garrity Jr is in the same court that is responsible for bankruptcy matters in the Southern District of New York, in which the federal courthouse that the U.S. Post Office bailiffs sent Mr. Bannon after he was arrested on August 22 is located.  The appointed law firm,  Goldberg Weprin Finkel LLP, is even more notorious for not collecting evidence and running shady cases. Kevin J. Nash, the signatory attorney in charge of the PAX and Mr. Kwok’s case, is also a far-leftist and hates President Trump and Mr. Bannon. Under this circumstance, it is obvious to see that PAG, the CCP’s thug, is using the internal strife in the United States to try to wear down Mr. Guo and attack the WM by creating and leveraging rigged lawsuits

Notwithstanding those deceits, lies and disguises by the CCP, truth always prevails. No matter what the CCP and its thugs try to do, there is no way out for the CCP, and its destiny is to be crucified on the cross of history.

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