Four Vantage Points of Traditional Chinese Wisdom in Problem Analysis – Part 2

In part one we talked about the first vantage point of traditional Chinese wisdom in problem analysis from the perspective of Chinese history and traditional Chinese culture. This history refers to the great history, which began from the remote antiquity, is inclusive of the first 5000 years and the next 5000 years. Today we are going to talk about the second vantage point that is from the perspective of all Mankind to understand the entire trend of Human Evolution. Where are we located now? Where shall we take a step toward next? This is the general trend of the Times and we must understand the general trend of all Mankind. The world is in a mighty trend, those who go along with it will prosper and those who go against it will perish. We should follow the general trend, which means whoever recognizes and understands the Times is the wise paragon of human beings. Don’t be ignorant enough to follow the CCP and fall with it because the CCP will definitely be taken down, which is the current general trend.

We know that the history of human evolution had been one of degeneration rather than evolution. At the beginning of divinity, the era of remote antiquity when the cosmos and human beings were connected, people’s creed and wisdom were extraordinary. There was a novel named “Creation of the Gods” where many people were cultivating themselves according to religious doctrine and were very good at spirit magic that made them prominent. They learnt from God, developed their inner potential and wisdom, and pursued sainthood. Then the mankind degenerated into humanity when people had an inflated sense of self and did not want to learn from God anymore.

When mankind degenerated from divinity into humanity, people still stick to the virtue of altruism, righteousness, manners, wisdom and trustworthiness, which stand for the Confucianism. Then, with the misguidance of evolutionary teachings, people degenerated from humanity into animality, only pursuing material enjoyment and sex. Human society had become the animal world of the jungle.

Animality is derived from Darwin’s theory of evolution, which told us that human beings were changed from monkeys, so people firmly believe themselves as superior animals. Further along with the poisoning of Marxist thoughts, human being eventually degenerated into devility, and became inhuman, brutal and shameless, unscrupulous, and with no boundaries.

The fighting philosophy is all about the endless enjoyment of fighting against the Cosmos, the Earth and the Human beings, trying to enslave all mankind, which Marx called to liberate all mankind; no doubt it is a cult. Darwin’s theory of evolution was also Satanism and he even admitted it was the devil’s Bible. The Theory of Evolution was held in high esteem by Marx who took a part of it as a theoretical basis for his human class conflict. Karl Marx, 1818-1883, German Jew, ultra-atheist, materialist and humanist said as early as 1861: “Charles Darwin’s book is important, for me, natural selection can serve as the basis for class conflict throughout the history”. Those people shared the same rotten tastes and stimulated human beings to degenerate into devility. The CCP is a ruling party without humanity, is made of special materials, and is not human being but devil. That is why mankind is constantly going backwards.

All the human ideas can be summed up in these four theories, divinity, humanity or animality, which is to tell us to just pursue materialism and sex, without thinking about political rights, democracy, fairness and justice. The last one is the most evil one, devility, by any means necessary, a cat that can catch mice is useful no matter it is black or white. In another word, a cat that can kill others, kill Americans, and enslave all mankind, is a good cat. This is the CCP’s demonology.

We are going to talk about the third vantage point of traditional Chinese wisdom in the next episode, please stay tuned.

Author:Lily, 三尺文飞

Translator: Squirrel

Original opinion article by Himalaya Manor Canada – 2020/10/18

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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