Granny Wong revealed her experience after being arrested and detained in Shenzhen for a year: she was forced to make a confession film and to participate in a “patriotic” tour

Translated by billwilliam; Reviewed by Wencheng

Source: StandNews

Wong Fung-Yiu, aka Granny Wong, often displayed the Union Jack flag during Hongkong’s protests. She disappeared after her last appearance at the Taikoo Subway Station during the Anti-Extradition protest on August 11 last year. During her press conference this morning, she revealed she had been detained by the authorities in mainland China for months.

Wong said that while in mainland China, she was interrogated about her participation in the Hongkong protests by personnel from different agencies, including those from the Ministry of State Security. During that period, personnel apparently from the Prosecutor’s Office accused her waving of the British flag as “endangering national security” and threatened to punish her with long prison terms. She said she had been detained for months first at the Futian Detention Center and later at the Shenzhen No.3 Detention Center, but she was never informed of the charges against her. She learned that she was charged with “provoking troubles” only after she was bailed out.

Granny Wong is a permanent resident of Hongkong who lives primarily in Shenzhen. But the CCP’s authority in Shenzhen illegally held her in custody for more than a year because of her actions in another jurisdiction. The CCP’s Ministry of State Security agents interrogated her for more than 100 hours about her participation in the Hongkong protests.

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6 months ago

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