Fabricated lies – What Australians get from funding the ABC

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This is how it works in America or any Western countries, you know, as long as a reporter manages to talk with you, it is up to him or her what to write about you. If the reporter fails to contact you, he or she will not dare to write falsehoods about you.

For those who live in Australia, we all know ABC News Australia. It is a television news service operated by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, commonly known as the ABC. The ABC is the only television service funded by Australian taxpayers. According to the ABC News website as well as section 8 of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Act 1983 (the ABC Act), the role of the ABC Board is described as the following :

 “The ABC Board is responsible for the ABC’s operations. The duty of the Board is to ensure that the functions of the Corporation are performed efficiently with maximum benefit to the people of Australia, and to maintain the independence and integrity of the Corporation. The Board is also responsible for ensuring that the gathering and presentation of news and information is accurate and impartial, according to recognised standards of journalism, and that the ABC complies with legislative and legal requirements.”

What do we get in return for all the taxpayer’s money paid to the ABC? — Nothing but falsehood

An article published on ABC News online on 9 October shows the true color of ABC News. This article came from two reporters, Ariel Bogle and Iris Zhao, who started their report by telling a story of a girl named ‘Christine’ who was disgusted about her mother, a Whistleblower Movement(WM) fellow fighter who has joined the Himalaya Australia(HA), a sub-entity of the New Federal State of China (NFSC), and participated in the HA movement of spreading the truth of COVID-19 which has caused the global pandemic. The article went on and borrowed Christine’s words to criticize the movement and the pamphlets distributed by the people in the movement. The pamphlet promotes Dr. Li-meng Yan and her two recently published scientific reports proving the lab origin of COVID-19. Dr. Yan is a Chinese ophthalmologist and virologist who escaped from Hong Kong to the US to tell the world that the COVID-19 is a bio-weapon manufactured in the Chinese military lab and is intentionally released by the Chinese government. Towards the end of the report, another so-called victim named ‘Paul’ was brought up claiming being annoyed by the pamphlet he received from the HA.

We don’t know whether “Christine” or “Paul” actually exist, but another interviewee in the paper named “Giselle”, a fellow fighter from the HA who was interviewed by the reporter Iris Zhao, came forward and exposed how ABC reporters made up their stories at the LuDe Talk, a famous Youtube broadcasting show revealing the truth of the Chinese Communist Party regime. On the LuDe Talk, Giselle told the audience that Zhao reached out to her saying she was interested in finding out more about the NFSC in a positive way. However, after the news was published, Giselle was shocked to find out that what written on the paper was completely fabricated, contradicting her belief about the integrity of reporters in Australia. Giselle said she had recorded her interview with Iris Zhao and could prove Zhao’s written falsehood.

Here I would like to let readers know that Mr. Lu De, the host of LuDe Talk, is the first person who relayed Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s messages of the true origin of COVID-19 to the world on January 19, 2020. Dr. Yan confirmed this in her July interview with Foxnews.

Below is the video transcripts from LuDe Talk that Giselle talked about her experience with Iris Zhao.

Giselle is telling her story starting 1:12:30

Lu De: We have another comrade from Australia, Giselle, she is going to talk about her interview with the ABC. After the telephone interview, Giselle found out what was written on the paper was completely different from what she had conveyed. Greetings to you, Giselle. Please share with everyone your thoughts.

Giselle: Greetings to you Mr. Lu De, Dr. Guan, Dr. Bo, and everyone. I am Giselle. Here is how it went. On September 29,  Iris Zhao sent me a private message through Twitter saying she was a reporter from the ABC, she had paid attention to the matter related to the NFSC and would like to chat with me. I then immediately informed Mulan, the leader in charge of our Athena Farm (a local organization related to the NFSC) that there was an ABC reporter who wanted to interview us shortly and if Mulan would like to join as well. I also told Mulan that this ABC reporter approached me directly and I was not sure where she stood. I suggested that we’d better record the interview if we accepted her request just in case. Mulan was very cautious and asked me if I could confirm that this person was indeed a reporter from ABC. I looked it up on the internet and found that there was an ABC reporter named Iris Zhao, and I then told Mulan not to worry. Even if she was not a real ABC reporter,  we wouldn’t need to worry as we would take recordings. The impression Zhao gave me was that her stance was leaning towards caring about the development of the NFSC in Australia, she even asked whether we were planning a public protest on October 1, basically, she made herself sound so believable, which kind of convinced me that this reporter was worth of our effort of working with her, not only to ‘save’ her from not knowing the truth, but also to use her role of a media report to help us get our words out to the public. One thing that concerned me a little was that her possible Chinese background which I could easily tell from her last name. Before the formal interview, I did chat with her a little and was told that Zhao was a former reporter at the New York Times, but had been in Melbourne for the last 3 years. That rang the bell when she mentioned Melbourne since this State has suffered the most from the pandemic in Australia, I was thinking maybe I could tell her the truth about the virus so that she would have a better understanding of the whole situation as a Melbourne resident who had witnessed and experienced the pandemic. This is the background of the interview.

Lu De: OK, we all see what is written on ABC paper after the interview is absolute nonsense, and nothing matches facts. The article called the NFSC a gangster group and claimed Dr. Yan’s reports on the truth of the virus is disinformation, basically, nothing good about us in that ABC report, only distortion of the truth. Do you agree, Giselle?

Giselle: Yes, yes, yes, the writing style of this article is exactly the same as what the Chinese Communist Party media use. I know this because I used to work in media. The article is written from the angle of a fabricated ‘victim’, I am very familiar with this pattern of writing. We can do some investigation, I am sure we will find out that this person called ‘Christine’ does not exist, neither does her mother. The reporter (Iris Zhao) basically fabricated all those details to criticize all of us who worked hard in handing out pamphlets and spreading the truth in Australia, and incorrectly claimed that we were spreading a false and harmful message that would do harm to Australia’s safety. She is politicizing the truth of the virus all through the mouth of this fabricated  ‘victim’. 

Lu De: Can you share what you have learned from this experience? I would like to hear your thoughts.

Giselle: I think, first of all, we avoid easily falling for their friendly attitudes. The impression she gave me at the beginning was that she was on the side of the WM。 When she interviewed us, she used words like “our Whistleblower Movement”, “our New Federal State of China”, “our comrades” and similar words. Also, it alerted me when she directed our conversation step by step towards the topics relating to some ongoing projects or activities, such as GTV investment and Himalaya farms. Mulan and I were on the line with Zhao at the same time, and Mulan also felt cautious. We recorded the entire call as we were very careful talking about those topics. 

Lu De: Yes,  let me tell you this, when you answered her call and heard “Is that Giselle?”, and you said “yes”, you fell right into her trap! She could then claim that “I’ve talked to the interviewee in person”, do you get it? What you actually told her was not her interest, all she wanted was the fact that she did talk to you. If she couldn’t manage to contact you and wrote falsehood about you, you had the right to defend yourself by denying what she wrote.  This is how it works in America and other Western countries: once reporters manage to contact you, it is up to them to decide what to write about you; if they are not able to connect you, they will not dare to fabricate stories of you. This is the way how those journalists act. The New York Times has tried to contact Dr. Yan for many times but we rejected them all as we know this is a trap. This is also what Mr. Guo Wengui went through in 2017. You should now have a better understanding after you have experienced it on your own. We say that American reporters commit to freedom, democracy and the truth, however, the truth is that it is all about what is  in their best interest. Of course, there are good reporters that you may come across, but let me tell you, it does not happen easily. Generally speaking, you will have to have a strong background which might help and ensure no misinformation about you from reporters. If you don’t have a very reliable relationship, especially with a reporter who finds you first, 100% you will end up reading falsehoods in the paper, but Indian reporters are good exceptions. If Indian reporters get in touch with you, no concerns about talking to them as they are immune to the buy-off by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), no reporters in India are willing or dare to be the mouthpiece of the CCP in India, which is a uniqueness of Indian reporters. Just be aware, as there have been so many Himalayan Farms now, you must be very cautious when taking interviews with media. Don’t be fooled by the excitement shown in the reporter’s face about interviewing you, it might lead to a reputation collapse on you. What you want from the interview might just some attention from the public, but I am afraid it will most likely ruin all your credibility, in which case, I would rather you not take any interviews and not be on newspapers at all.

Transcript ends 1:20:06

Urgent investigation needed on China’s influence on the ABC?

In October 2018,  there was a senate inquiry in Australia on matters related to allegations of political interference in the ABC. There were irregularities found, as documented in the final report of the inquiry.

What does Giselle’s experience tell us? The ABC has not improved since the inquiry took place in 2018. As a matter of fact, it is getting worse with its bias and inaccurate reporting. A quick search of Iris Zhao’s ABC News profile shows that the articles she wrote are all evidently friendly to the Chinese government and some of those are anti-Australia. A few questions should be raised: why are the Australian taxpayers paying for reporters like Iris Zhao to work in our national broadcast to spread pro-China and anti-Australia messages in Australia? Is Iris Zhao somehow related to the CCP government which might explain her clear bias in her reporting? Is Iris Zhao the only one who is working against our national interest by spreading falsehoods and lies through the shield of an ABC reporter?

We need to find out the answers to these questions. An investigation needs to be done on the ABC, much more urgently this time compared to in 2018.

Appendix: Screenshot of Iris Zhao’s previous articles

Author: XO酱

Proofreader: Sarathecat

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