Calling Out the CCP’s Hidden Associates in the West at Their Doorsteps

Image Source: Gnews

The Chinese Communist Party’s overseas associates are facing physical challenges from their local Chinese communities. In a New York residential neighbourhood, a Chinese middle age man walked out of the basement of a house, and he was immediately surrounded by a group of self-organized anti-CCP Chinese activists waiting outside. Dressed in blue T-shirt uniforms and carrying blue flags, the activists identify themselves as the supporters of the New Federal State of China. They addressed the man as Bucked-toothed Zhuang and called him a CCP’s running dog. With signs and banners in hand, they were staging a protest against Zhuang and the CCP he was working for. Zhuang confronted the activists verbally and pretended to be physically assaulted lying on the ground. The police came and found no one breaking the law. They acknowledged the right of the protesters and left. The drama continued the next day. Other Chinese activists arrived at the same spot to call him out and this time Zhuang became more agitated and kept yelling “I was hit” before anyone even came close to him.The activists are trying to get the message throughout the neighbourhood that the CCP is a criminal regime responsible for all deaths of the coronavirus victims in America, and here lives a CCP agent. It is time to expose his identity in broad daylight.  

Zhuang is not the only one in trouble. As we are speaking, similar actions are being taken against the CCP agents worldwide in Washington, Vancouver, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Sidney, Taipei, and other cities of the world where the CCP has deeply infiltrated for their ill intent. Many CCP’s accomplices are being called out at their doorsteps. Their neighbours might wonder what these so-called CCP agents have done to provoke the local Chinese communities coming at them. It is impossible to explain it in an elevator pitch for the passersby. To understand what is really going on, you have to put the protest in the context of the CCP plotting against the world.  

The CCP is a totalitarian regime that rules China in a brutal gangster fashion, and now this gangster has used their economical power to seek insidious control on many parts of the world. Presenting themselves as an alternative to the so-called hegemony of the United States, the Beijing regime has been exporting their dictatorship political ideology and economic model worldwide. What gangsters do is all dirty deals under the table, and they need overseas collaborators to push forward all of these wrong doings. There are many kinds of CCP’s collaborators worldwide, and they are called the running dogs (走狗 zougou) in Chinese slang. In America, those who most likely to collaborate with the CCP over the years are international corporations eyeing on the huge Chinese market, high profile corrupted politicians, Wall Street elites, global media outlets, most of the academia, and some religious leaders. The list is very long. Since the 1980s when China opened up the market to the world, these running dogs have been advocating pro-CCP policies, specially after the CCP entered the WTO and became a superpower, they have been helping to serve the CCP’s global ambition because they share the same economic interest with the dictator. These people are professionals and very often the elites of their own fields. They became the CCP’s running dogs in exchange for lots of money and other kinds of benefits only the devil could offer. Compared to these professionals, there is a unique group of running dogs in America and many other countries. This group is exclusively made up of Chinese expatriates. All of them proclaim to be Chinese political dissidents or democracy fighters. They often criticize some aspects of the CCP but in fact they are serving the overseas interest of the CCP. It is the kind of running dogs targeted by the anti-CCP activists right now. 

This kind of running dogs is very deceiving because of their anti-CCP appearance. They are called the fake ones (偽類 weilei) or the deceiving thieves ( 欺民賊 qiminzei) by the followers of the Whistleblower Movement. Bucked-Toothed Zhuang is one of them. There is a long list of the fake ones in different cities around the world. Interestingly, each one of them gets a nickname after he or she has been exposed. For those who do not understand the complexity of the CCP tactics against the West, I would like to further explain the twisted identities of these fake ones, how they become who they are today, and what harm they have done not only to the Chinese but also to the world, to deserve such a public outcry against them. I am telling their stories and hope to help the Western readers to distinguish the wolf in sheep’s clothing. 

To understand these fake ones, I would like to start with the reason why they are needed by the CCP. The CCP is the master of coercion and fabrication. Their legitimacy is predicated on the fake facts they have fabricated as of day one of their existence. In the heyday of communism, they used the mouthpiece of their own news outlets to brainwash the public, such as the CCTV, the People’s Daily, and the Global Times et al. Soon after the Cold War with the new arrival of the information age and internet era, they quickly understood that the old-fashioned Socialist propaganda was out of date in the globalization of the world. They had to come up with more sophisticated ways to achieve a better propaganda approach to control the Chinese people as well as the international community. They badly needed collaborators overseas. They quickly realized that in the capitalism world they could easily use money to buy the support from the aforementioned professionals, and turn them into running dogs to serve the propaganda purposes. In addition to that, they also needed running dogs from the overseas Chinese communities. 

In the aftermath of the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre, also known as the June Fourth Incident, many protesters flew out of China as political refugees. They became Chinese dissidents and critics in their adopted countries. They established the community called Overseas Chinese Democracy Movement (OCDM, 海外民運). They became the dominant oppositional Chinese voice against the CCP regime, supported by the country they took refuge from. However, their new status as CCP critics did not guarantee a good life abroad. The opposition was weakened over time. A few years after 1989, it was clear that the West was more interested in taking advantage of the cheap labour provided by the dictator state of China than caring for the injustice and human right issues, which gave the Beijing regime the upper hand. Instead of destroying the overseas oppositional voice once and for all, the CCP decided to keep them. Having a mild opposition was better than no opposition. The CCP believed that using the opposition could lead to a better propaganda outcome. For those in the opposition, the reality set in after a decade in exile: the hope for a democratic China was impossible; the glory of their past in the June Fourth Incident had faded and been forgotten; the funding from the adopted government had come to an end; they lack other skills to make a living; they could not return to China to reunite with their families. The challenges were overwhelming and their beliefs and political pursuit were shaken. At this timing, the CCP took the opportunity to approach these overseas dissidents and persuade them to flip sides. The CCP wanted them to become an overseas propaganda tool for the CCP, and got financial benefit in return. Some dissidents refused and maintained their integrity, others accepted the offer. For the CCP, it was the established credibility of these overseas critics they were interested in. The CCP wanted them to maintain the consistent anti-CCP facade as a disguise in the countries they took asylums in. Only at the critical moment when the CCP needed them, they would be given guidelines on what to say and when to say in favour of the CCP. Please note that the relationship between the CCP and these defected Chinese dissidents were not written in paper. Neither of them wanted to leave any traces. Instead, their collaborative details were all hinted through some middlemen. There are many layers of information exchange to secure the unspoken relationship. Neither side needed to formally acknowledge it. The business went on smoothly for years without anyone knowing that the then Chinese dissidents have become the now deceiving thieves. 

This CCP’s tactics appeared to be successful. The fake ones have deceived the majority of  Chinese home and abroad as well as the Western audience. They often showed up as a guest in a program of the Voice of America as commentators. They often delivered ostensible arguments. For example, they would criticize the CCP as a terrible regime, but they would also add that China would plummet into chaos without the CCP, implying that CCP should remain in power. The direction of their talking was to maintain the status quo of the CCP in relation to the world.    How could an ordinary person in the States dismiss the opinions from the veteran China critics who had gone through so much from the CCP’s prosecution? To make the arguments of the fake dissidents more plausible, the CCP would deploy their internet army to leave online feedbacks supporting the views, faking the public opinions of Chinese people. Over the years, the CCP had successfully converted many overseas Chinese individuals from CCP’s critics into CCP’s agents. As the propaganda tools for the CCP, the fake ones had made significant contributions to the narrative that the CCP was a threat to their own people in China, but not a big threat to the world. This narrative was part of the CCP’s overseas propaganda, and that is still the popular belief of many western people.

The fake ones continued to spread unfounded news and obscure the truth in accordance with the CCP’s narrative. No one had questioned their authenticity. However, since 2017, things started to change. Miles Guo kicked off the Whistleblower Movement, the most effective attack from the Chinese community against the core of the CCP’s leadership. Miles Guo has revealed many deceiving thieves one after another. The year 2017 is the watershed movement for the fake ones. Since then, some of them have been defeated; some others are evolving. New recruitments have been made by the CCP. The fake ones are not only chosen from the former political refugees of the June Fourth Incident, but also from different generations of Chinese who are willing to work with the CCP. Although the fake ones are deceitful, they have certain traits that we can identify. To help the western audience discern the fake ones, I would like to take a few individuals as examples to illustrate a typical deceiving thief. 

The most defining characteristic of the fake one is they are obscuring the critical truth against the CCP. Take Chicken-legged Pan (real name LinZheng Pan) for example, he is one of the fake ones from Australia. He was a self-employed IT technician, running a company called John Pan IT Service in Wellington Point. In 2017, his business mind prompted him to quit his day job and started a daily call-in broadcast on YouTube. At that time Miles Guo and the Whistleblower Movement had become the new internet sensation and any anti-CCP commentary related to Miles could easily become popular on social media. As an opportunist, Pan fashioned himself as a Miles Guo follower and his broadcast quickly became popular, getting lots of subscribers calling in to voice against the CCP. One year later, Pan started to deviate from the course. In the summer of 2019, Hong Kong protests broke out against the CCP’s puppet government of Hong Kong. At first, Pan talked in a sympathetic way about Hong Kong protesters, but as tension escalated and drew the attention of the international community to question the brutality of the Hong Kong police, Pan changed his tone and described the peaceful student protesters as thugs and accused them of causing disorder in Hong Kong. His comment echoed the false claims from the CCP to justify the brutal crack-down. 

Currently, one of the most critical truths against the CCP is the coronavirus pandemic. The virus was engineered in a P4 lab that belongs to the People’s Liberation Army, the military force of the CCP, and it was a spreader to the world from there. The CCP should be held responsible for all the sufferings caused by the plague, hence the virus is called the CCP-virus. One of the top priorities of the CCP is to cover up the traces leading to the lab in Wuhan, the ground zero of the pandemic. The CCP’s medical experts blamed an adjacent wet market for the outbreak, supported by the corrupted World Health Organization (WHO). The fake ones are doing their part to help cover up the truth. The assignment they got from the CCP was to consistently attack Dr. Yan Limeng online. Dr. Yan is a virologist defector from the P3 lab of Hong Kong. She had the access to the critical information of the virus development in China. After she escaped to the U.S., she has publicly become the witness of the CCP-virus. Recently Dr. Yan released scientific evidence to the world proving that the CCP is the culprit of the pandemic. The world community is shocked, but the CCP has contained the spreading of the news by using their control over the mainstream media in the West. The fake ones are the additional effort to ruin Dr. Yan’s reputation. Chicken-legged Pan, for example, insulted Dr. Yan by calling her a “second-handed scientist” (second-handed meaning inferior). Xia Yeliang (夏業良), another deceiving thief who presents himself as a historian and professor invited a guest with unknown background to discredit Dr. Yan in his YouTube broadcast. Without giving any counter-evidence, the guest questioned Dr. Yan’s scientific reports and concluded that she was not trustworthy. Many other fake ones all over the world have made numerous attempts in their self media to defame Dr. Yan. Although their arguments are ungrounded, they keep on doing so. They believe in a dictator’s doctrine: a lie repeated a thousand times will become convincing to the ears of a listener. According to Miles Guo, “they don’t blink when telling ties.”

To whom do the fake ones lying? Considering the fake ones as a mouthpiece for the CCP, I would say they do not intend to differentiate their audience, and anyone that the CCP wants to brainwash is their target audience no matter where he/she comes from. However, many fake ones read and write only in Chinese, so their victims are mostly the large number of Chinese in China. When the Chinese web users painstakingly breach the firewall censorship, the first thing they would encounter is probably one of the websites from the fake ones. (It is another story as of why these websites are favoured in the search engine. The CCP has corrupted the high tech corporations such as Google. Don’t be surprised.) These unaware truth seekers are misled by the specious opinions of the fake ones and get a wrong outlook of the world. Apart from the unaware Chinese, the Western audience as well sometimes fall victim to the fake ones. There are times when the Western world would like to hear the perspective from the majority of Chinese people. The fake ones would present their misleading voice, resulting in the misconception of the Chinese people. For example, at the turn of the 21st century when there were objections to allow China into the WTO because of their human right records. Turkey Gong (Legal name is Sasha Gong 龔小夏) made a speech at a United Nation conference to ask the world to accept China, arguing that the acceptance of the free world would change the regime for the better. Her anti-CCP appearance had convinced the audience who regarded her as a voice representing the Chinese people at that time. The truth was that Sasha Gong was a CCP agent, and the WTO did not change the Beijing regime. The opposite was true. The Beijing regime has corrupted the free world. 

The motivation of the deceiving thieves is money. They receive money indirectly from the CCP usually through donations or investments from some innocent looking business patrons. According to Miles Guo, some fake ones in America are receiving the CCP funding from Bruno Wu (吳徵), a Chinese billionaire entrepreneur based in New York who until recently was obliged to disclose his CCP agent status. As Trump’s administration is fighting back against the CCP on many fronts, the CCP’s running dogs in America are busy with many commissions from their master and getting paid. However, in the past when they were not needed, they did not get paid. The CCP’s funding was project-based. At that time, the fake ones individually turned to their local Chinese communities for fund raising in the name of the Overseas Chinese Democracy Movement (OCDM). They collected the donation funds and put them in their own pockets. This is why they are called the deceiving thieves. Unfortunately, many unaware Chinese were deceived by the appearance of the fake ones and made donations. Some enthusiastic donors even sold off their houses for the donation in vain.

The questionable fund-raising is a marker to spot a fake one. It is a common practice among the fake ones to find their own ways to solicit for money they do not deserve. Take Guo Baosheng (郭寶勝) for example, he claimed to be a Chinese dissident after his participation in the student movements one year after the June Fourth Incident. He was jailed for a few years before he left China. He became a CCP critic and he also got a job as a pastor in America. He was one of the fake ones who intended to profit from supporting Miles at the early stage of the Whistleblower Movement. He made YouTube videos to retell what was being said in Miles’s broadcast. He soon became popular among Chinese audience. What he did next was to travel to many places to meet Miles’s followers and presented himself as a representative of Miles, a title he had never earned. Out of admiration, Miles’ followers invited him to dinner and some wealthy ones donated a significant amount of money to him. He did not report any donations and put the money for his own personal use. In the end, Miles sued him to court and Guo Bashing was convicted of fraud. 

Guo Baosheng is one example of a much larger issue in the OCDM community. The practices of fraudulent fundraising has a long-term negative impact in the overseas Chinese communities. For the true democracy fighters, their resources have been drained by the selfish donation collectors and the potential to organize a meaningful action against the CCP is preempted. As Miles Guo pointed out, some CCP critics from the OCDM community have been profiting from the fundraising for thirty consecutive years but made no meaningful effort against the Beijing regime except for paying lip services. They often recount their heroic past in the June Fourth Incident to gain the trust from the prospective donors, but in real life some of them are regarded as losers in the Whistleblower Movements. Li Hongkuan (李洪寬)is one such example who often got mentioned by Miles as one of those fake ones. After escaping China due to his involvement in the June Fourth Incident, he came to the U.S. and later he published an online magazine under the name Big News (大参考), to expose the human right violations of the CCP regime. As the OCDM community weakened over time, he discontinued the online magazine. Since then he has been showing himself as a CCP commentator at the Voice of America and other Chinese media outlets. Other than the empty title of a democracy fighter he tags himself, he has no decent job nor decent income, and he needs donations to make a living. The fake ones such as Li Hongkuan are not only stealing the anti-CCP money that could otherwise be put together for something meaningful, but also having a negative psychological impact. The inactions against the CCP and the failure in personal life are discouraging to the prospect of the true ones, turning the anti-CCP enthusiasm into a sense of disenchantment and hopelessness.   

The western audience might have a hard time understanding the ironic identity of the fake ones. How come so many democracy fighters from the June Fourth Incident would give up their noble pursuit and transform into an opportunist? To understand their hypocrisy, there are lots of different personal stories of the fake ones to look into. Perhaps the most common one is that he or she starts as a true CCP fighter but flips somehow. The Communist state has a plethora of coercive techniques to turn a hero into a villain. Take Bucked-toothed Zhuang (莊烈宏 Zhuang Liehong) for example, back in 2011, he was one of the anti-corruption protest leaders of the Wukan village in Guangdong Province. According to Miles Guo, Zhuang was arrested and tortured by the local authority, but he begged for his life by betraying his colleagues. In the end, he was freed and allowed to go to the States while his colleagues died in prison. Since then Zhuang presented himself as the Wukan hero everywhere he went. By calling himself as such, he got the respect and benefits. I would like to think that he hates the CCP very much and he wants to pursue freedom, but he does not rationalize the emotion of hatred into a belief for a greater good. Without a principle he was susceptible to the CCP’s manipulation. At one point, he was employed by Miles Guo as an assistant, but was fired as a misfit. He quickly turned to the camp of the fake ones to serve the interest of the CCP. He will work for whoever gives him an offer. He allegedly sold off the confidential information he got from Miles Guo’s office to the Hong Kong police and resulted in the arrest of a few Hong Kong protest activists. 

The change of course for some fake ones is due to the CCP’s coercion, but not always. There are many stories about some fake ones more than willingly reaching out to seek for the patronage from the CCP. The founder of the Mirror Media Group He Ping, nicknamed Coffee He (何咖啡), is one example. Years ago, he founded Duowei News (, which was a Chinese website featured anti-CCP news and comments. When the website became well known, he immediately put it up for sale, and ended up in the hands of a buyer related to the CCP. What Coffee He did was to monetize the anti-CCP communities by downgrading the democracy movement into a means for profit. This mindset is very popular among the fake dissidents. For them, criticizing the CCP does not mean to take down the CCP. Quite the opposite, they need the CCP to survive. 

There is yet another kind of story that is more sinister. Some fake dissidents are undercover agents of the CCP, and they are deployed overseas to serve the CCP’s interests. Zeng Hong (曾宏)is one example. He is commonly believed in the community of the Whistleblower Movement to be a dangerous CCP agent who means to harm any prominent individuals in the movement. His brother works for the National Security Bureau of Guangdong Province in China. He pretends to be a democracy fighter and a long-term follower of Miles Guo in an attempt to come close to Guo to exert harm. After he was exposed as a spy, he became very aggressive. At one point, he organized a small group of gangsters and tried to intrude into Miles Guo’s office but failed. At another time, he was seen navigating a boat to approach Miles’s boats. Zeng was yelling at Miles and threatening to kill Miles.  

Regardless of their different trajectories, the fake ones will never stop faking it. Their whole lives have become dependent on fake identities. They cannot live without the CCP, as to fish without water. They try to maintain the status quo with the CCP for mutual benefits. Apparently, what they have done was detrimental to those who were genuinely anti-CCP. Before the Whistleblower Movement, the fake dissidents had assumed the moral high ground and controlled the narratives of overseas Chinese anti-CCP movements, leaving no other options for the true fighters but to go through these fake ones. The audacious individuals or groups were kept at bay, and the mavericks were subdued. There has never been a lack of Chinese people who are genuinely against the CCP, however, the fake ones are only interested in channeling their enthusiasm into donations and away from meaningful actions. To make things worse, they sometimes sold off some individuals who have greater potential to challenge the CCP. Take Lai Changxing (賴昌星)for example, he was a very wealthy Chinese entrepreneur who escaped to Canada in 1999 after his company Yuanhua Group was charged in the biggest smuggling case in China’s history. Lai had extensive connections with many very high ranking CCP officials. If Lai disclosed the involvement of these officials, it would be a huge scandal which would ruin the CCP’s image overseas. Therefore Lai was one of the most wanted men by the CCP. After hiding in Canada for more than a decade, Lai was eventually extradited back to China. He lost his legal battle to remain in Canada for many reasons. One of them was the fake dissidents he mistrusted in the community of OCDM. They sold him out to the CCP after Lai had donated lots of money to them. 

Over the years, the fake ones have established a delicate balance with the CCP. They scratch the beast a little bit but never too hard to provoke it. They trivialize the CCP officials’ corruption. They acknowledge the human right violations in China, but in a passive tone implying that nothing can be done to stop it. Keeping that balance is an art in which the fake dissidents are  enjoying. But their good days were over after Miles Guo appeared in New York in 2017. At that time, the overseas anti-CCP movement from the Chinese community was completely inactive, until Miles Guo re-ignited the flame. Miles Guo and the Whistleblower Movement took the world by storm and quickly became the CCP’s biggest enemy. At first, many fake dissidents supported Miles Guo, not out of their hearts but out of the intent to rip off the Chinese billionaire, just as what they did to Lai Changxing. But this time, they got it all wrong. Miles Guo was the unprecedented leader. He has sacrificed all he has in China to stand up to the CCP. His families were kidnapped, his asset worth over 10 billion U.S. dollar was confiscated, his employees were imprisoned and humiliated in public, and his reputation was tainted by false accusation of rape and financial frauds in China. Miles Guo is the ultimate opponent in the history of the CCP. The fake ones could not comprehend Miles’ ambition and his strong belief. They took him for granted and tried to persuade Miles to work with them. At that time they were competing with each other to win Miles’ favour. Take Tang Baiqiao (唐百橋) for example, a self-claimed democracy fighter in America, travelled to Manhattan in early 2017 and begged to meet up with Miles. Miles turned him down knowing that he was a fraud. Tang persisted standing outside Miles’ residence near the Central Park for a few days with no avail. He left with anger and humiliation. Soon after that he started to attack verbally against Miles online. 

Soon after that, Miles Guo revealed the dark truths against Wang Qishan (nicknamed Urine-bagged Wang 尿袋王), the de facto second-in-command within the CCP leadership. Urine-bagged Wang’s corruption network was unfathomable at more than a trillion U.S. dollars. At this point, for the fake ones, Miles Guo was the elephant in the room. Some of them started to critique Miles but only found out that he was unstoppable. Miles clearly had many strategies to tackle the CCP regime from three decades’ planning. One of them is to strategically release critical intelligence information to cause the internal conflicts among the different CCP factions and the prominent ruling families. The first big success of this strategy in 2017 was to cause the financial meltdown of the HNA Group, one of the world’s biggest investment companies allegedly owned by Wang’s family behind the scene. The fake ones were shocked to see what Miles was capable of. Miles had delivered a heavy blow to the CCP’s top leadership. No one had ever done that before. For the fake ones, Miles had not only broken the balance between the CCP and the overseas opposition, but also exposed the incompetence of the fake ones. In comparison to Miles Guo’s actions, the OCDM community has clearly accomplished nothing over the past thirty years since 1989. The fake dissidents got a slap in the face and their fake identities were being revealed. Some dissidents kept a low profile, but others became desperate. They turn their shame and jealousy into angry online attacks against Miles. They are making less effort to cover up their fake identity as running dogs and barking ferociously at the true enemy of the CCP. They have become more aggressive like the hornets whose net is stirred up. 

Take Yellow Dog (黃狗 legal name is Gao Bingchen) for example, he had a WeChat channel to blog about CCP commentary in Vancouver. However, since Miles Guo became prominent in the anti-CCP Movement, he made no more CCP commentaries. His full time job is to mock Miles Guo with nasty language in his daily YouTube videos. Recently he also took sneaky actions to sabotage the investment opportunities of the Whistleblower Movement community. As a reward from the CCP, Yellow Dog’s travel ban to China was lifted in 2019 and he got what he wished for to revisit his hometown after many years in exile abroad. There are many other fake ones receiving the small benefit in return for their verbal attack against Miles Guo. Today, the prerequisite of becoming a fake one is to attack Miles Guo relentlessly and do it non-stop. Otherwise, your resume won’t be accepted by the CCP and won’t get paid.  

Some Western friends of mine questioned the significance of the fake dissident phenomenon. Do they really matter in the West? In their understanding, these fake ones are nobody in the Western society and very few people would pay them attention, therefore the extent of the harm they could do is limited. Also, unlike a well-trained spy who conducts espionage in the high tech industry in America, these dissidents are only capable of talking and writing online and most of the time in Chinese. Even if they could have an impact, it is only upon the marginalized Chinese communities and it won’t affect the main society of the West. They think the fake ones are just like a cluster of house flies, annoying and unsightly but not dangerous. I would say individually a fake one does not matter. Miles has never regarded any of them as worthy opponents. He often trashes them in his live streaming videos. However, if you understand the unrestricted warfare the CCP is staging against the West and that these house flies work as an integral part of the CCP’s wartime tactics, you would think that they are the real issue that need to be dealt with. I will give an example to illustrate how the CCP orchestrates an unrestricted attack at a target in the West and how the fake ones matter. 

In the spring of 2017, in order to stop Miles Guo and his Whistleblower Movement, the CCP attempted an extradition of Miles from New York to China. The CCP worked out a very detaiedl plan that involved many resources from different directions to target Miles. It was perhaps one of the biggest manhunt in human history. The first direction was from the legal system in China. The CCP was above the law so they easily filed a malicious prosecution against Miles and labelled him as a criminal. The second one was the Interpol. The then-president of Interpol Meng Hongwei (孟宏偉) was a CCP official answerable directly to the top leadership of the Beijing regime. Meng was instructed to issue a red notice against Miles Guo, suggesting that Miles was an international outlaw. The third one was the internet attack. The CCP not only had their internet army to spread fabricated facts against Miles online, but also had the search engine of Google and the main social media platform to feature the negative entries about Miles at the top of any search of his name. In the meantime, the CCP paid big money to their best collaborators in the deep state of America to lobby the Attorney General and the American president to sign the document of extradition. Elliott Broidy, a lobbyist close to the president and Steve Wynn, a Wall Street billionaire were the two important people in this part of the plan. The CCP also involved the former prime minister of Malaysia and a prince from the Middle East to facilitate the extradition. As an addition to the collaborators from the top society, the fake ones fit in the CCP’s strategies to defame Miles Guo from the grassroots level. As Broidy was working on his political connections, Liang Guangjun (梁貫軍),an CCP accomplice from New York’s Chinatown, was told to organize a group of Chinese residents to protest against Miles outside his New York apartment, calling him a criminal. In the same time frame, many fake dissidents made videos condemning Miles. These people and actions were all part of the master plan of the national Security Bureau under the direction of Wang Qishan and his associates. All the messages from different resources reinforced each other. All of them were pointing at Miles as a criminal. If you were doubtful about the lobbyist, you could be convinced by the protesters on the street. If you were doubtful about both the lobbyist and the protesters, you might be convinced after you googled Miles. If you were skeptical of the internet, you might be convinced by the red notice from the Interpol. If you were questioning second-hand information in English, you could go to the Chinese community and ask the most active individuals, and end up being convinced by the fake ones. The CCP’s plan was to make sure that a fabrication should be consistent from any angle. If you think you have a detective mind to find traces of facts and connect the dots, you are sure to be fooled by the CCP. One needs to understand the CCP’s criminal mind to be free from their manipulation.   

Luckily, the CCP failed in their plan. Miles Guo outwitted them. The confiscation of Miles’ assets in China backfired. The CCP’s prosecution has only helped Miles’ credibility in the international community. Miles not only fights on, but also becomes stronger than ever. As for the internet attack, a report from the Stanford Center for Internet and Society has revealed that Miles Guo was the most attacked target on Twitter by the CCP. As for the lobbyist, both Broidy and Wynn failed and Broidy got indicted according to the documents released by the Department of the Justice of the United States. The manipulation of the search engine and social media against Miles is still in place. The fake one’s noise against Miles is still around. Miles Guo is not the only one being targeted by the multifaceted plot from the CCP. The CCP has used similar unrestricted war tactics against various targets in the West, including former Whitehouse strategist Steve Bannon, and the current president Donald Trump and many China hawks in the West. In all these cases, the fake ones are the integral part of the plot. The fake ones alone would not do much damage in the West, but in the orchestrated attack, they become a threat to the national security of their host countries.  

Since the beginning of this year 2020, as tension between the U.S. and China escalates, the final showdown is unfolding between the global anti-CCP movement and the CCP. The countries in the West have long been infiltrated by the CCP economically, politically, and culturally without being caught, but Miles Guo exposed the CCP’s hidden intent to control the world and triggered the alarm. He understands the CCP thoroughly and his strategies have been proven very effective to take down the CCP. He is without a doubt the existential threat to the CCP. The change of tide against the Beijing regime in America, Australia, Japan, and many other countries would not have happened without Miles Guo’s pushing forward. The U.S. has now taken a tougher stand against the CCP regime and the coalition of global leaders are forming to address the CCP’s unrestricted warfare. The CCP is now on the verge of collapse and becoming desperate. In response, the CCP has mobilized their accomplices in the mainstream American media to distort the reality. The CCP is meddling with the current U.S. presidential election. The CCP is intervening with the Black Life Matter movement to provoke violence to cause internal chaos in America. The most sinister action against America is spreading the CCP-virus in America, causing many deaths and economic turmoil. Recently they have pinpointed the persons they want to poison, and successfully had the president Donald Trump and some of his staff contracted the virus.    

As the CCP intensifies their attack in America and the West, the roles of the fake ones continue to evolve. Some of their strategies have changed. Their working style has also changed. Instead of the old-fashioned low-paced China issue commentator on the Voice of America programme, they now become very responsive making quick videos on YouTube and sending out tweets on social media. They have been working much harder to obscure the truths for the CCP and relentlessly launching online attacks against the Whistleblower Movement and any Western leaders who truly stand up to the CCP. The CCP’s new recruitments now include the tech-savvy younger people. Take Hairless Doudou (豆豆)for example, she is a young Chinese woman in America whose background is related to the CCP. She infiltrated into the Whistleblower Movement in early 2020 by working as a volunteer translator against the CCP, and later falsely accused the Voice of Guo Media, a community within the Whistleblower Movement. Although her accusation is ungrounded and doomed to fail, her action was an integral part of a large plot against the community from the CCP. Some damage has been done. 

Not all the fake ones are created equal. Some fake ones put on a professional persona, such as community leaders, priests, human-right lawyers, local businesspersons, journalists, and so on. Other fake ones do not have a decent look. Bucked-toothed Zhuang, for example, is a Uber driver and lives humbly in a New York basement. Chicken-legged Pan is a home-based freelancer for computer programming. Li Hongkuan is jobless. Sometimes, the CCP allocates support according to the prominence of their social status; other times, the CCP favours whoever makes more contributions regardless of their social positions. The CCP gives more support to certain running dogs than some others. Those who get less support will eventually phase out of the business. Those who get more support will surface into the infamous running dogs. The kinds of support from the CCP are not only operational funding, but also other resources to boost the fake ones’ reputation. The most common way is to manipulate the number of the viewers on YouTube by manually increasing the data in the fake ones’s YouTube channels and dropping the number and demonetizing the anti-CCP channels. Apart from that, there are many other supports for the most infamous fake ones. Take Wei Shi (韋石 Meng Weican) for example, he is the owner of the online news website based in New York. In Chinese language, the website features scandals of the CCP officials and is popular among the OCDM community. The website is regarded by the American as an advocate for democracy in China and gets partial support from the U.S. government-funded National Endowment for Democracy. In reality, Wei Shi is a CCP agent of high ranking based on Miles intelligence information. The CCP provides the context with exclusive insider stories, usually scandals about the losing factions in the internal conflict of the Communist party. With the help from the CCP, the news website easily edged out its competitors. However, the information published on is all mild criticism that the CCP can tolerate without threatening the core of the Beijing regime. In return to the CCP, Wei Shi collects the critical data of his website users and sends it back to Beijing for profiling. Another example is Bob Fu  (傅希秋). He appears to be a Chinese pastor in Midland Texas. He built his good reputation in his local community by helping a few Chinese dissidents to escape to America. He seems very resourceful being a liaison between the CCP and America. In fact, he is a CCP accomplice who gets a lot of support from the CCP. After all, those dissidents Bob Fu has allegedly rescued post no threat to the CCP. They were no longer wanted by the CCP and were given to Bob Fu to help boost his name in America. In returning the favour, Bob Fu is spreading the CCP’s untrue comments about Dr. Yan and Miles Guo to mislead the Americans.

Now I would like to come back to the scene described at the very beginning of the article. Why would the Chinese activists voluntarily come to the residence of the infamous fake ones to stage a protest? Their targets are the most infamous fake ones. With all the above-mentioned stories, the answer to the question is self-evident. I would like to add one more reason for the action. For many years the overseas Chinese community has been misrepresented by the CCP’s associates in their local communities. Coming to the doorsteps of the running dogs is to help the local people in the neighbourhood to distinguish the CCP associates from the rest of the Chinese community. I need to explain why the distinction is important.

For many years in their propaganda, the CCP has equated the ruling Chinese Communist Party to the Chinese people. They always hide behind the 1.4 billion Chinese population to dodge any bullet after they commit any wrongdoings. The CCP makes you believe that If you offend the CCP, you make the 1.4 billion people your enemy. Therefore, many practical governments and international organizations hold back the accusations and allow the CCP to get away with many foul plays. In my opinion, the appeasement of the CCP in the past decade from world leaders has enabled the CCP’s evil intents, which result in the current virus attack. To tackle the CCP, the West has to separate the dictator and the people dictated, so as to aim at the hidden target. In their 70 years of history, the CCP has always claimed to be representing the people, but in fact, the CCP has always been the enemy of the Chinese people. Miles Guo has made a lot of efforts and successfully helped the Western leaders to differentiate the CCP and the Chinese people. 

However, the CCP continues to hold on to the Chinese people. They are still creating an illusion for the Western audience that the CCP is backed by the majority of Chinese people. For this purpose, the CCP needs accomplices from the average Chinese people, and there are a few kinds of people helping the CCP as we speak. The first kind is the co-called Fifty-Cents (五毛). They are web users who tweet posts in favour of the CCP and allegedly receive fifty cents per post as rewards. Usually, their retweets are lousy and unbelievable, but they are large in number so to some extent they are successfully faking the public opinion of the Chinese people. The second kind is merely paid actors to fake the Chinese public. A typical example is when a CCP leader visits the U.S., the leader is often seen on TV being cheered by a large number of Chinese expats upon arrival. In fact, the crowd is organized and paid by the local Chinese consulate. Everything is staged. Compared with the army of Fifty-Cents and the paid spectators, the fake ones are the most deceptive kind in faking the voice of the Chinese people. Especially in the West, their opinions are often taken as representing the average local Chinese. 

The problem of the misrepresentation is very concerning to the activists because it is again part of a larger plot from the CCP. Counterintuitively, the CCP wants to ruin the public image of overseas Chinese people. The CCP would like to think that discrimination against the Chinese expats in the West would work in the CCP’s favour. The twisted mind of the CCP can be explained in two thoughts. Firstly, a bad reputation would prevent the Chinese expats from getting the support of the West against the CCP. Secondly, the alienated Chinese expats would be more likely to lean towards the CCP, and make it easier to bundle their identities with the CCP. For this evil plot against their own people, some fake ones are specifically chosen for their quality that resembles the CCP: deceiving, hypocritical, and manipulating. The Yellow Dog is one example to fit in perfectly the CCP’s job descriptions. He is known by the community of the Whistleblower Movement as a person with no morality, who always wears a fake smile and tells blatant lies without a brink. His image is a very bad representation of the overall image of the Chinese who live in the same city of Vancouver. 

Enlightened by the Whistleblower Movement, many local Chinese have come to realize what is at stake when their reputation is hijacked by the CCP associates such as the Yellow Dog. Therefore, they organize to come to his house in Vancouver to call him out and let the neighbours know that the Yellow Dog represents the CCP, not the interest of the overseas Chinese people. This is not an isolated act against an individual. This protest is not only to protect the local Chinese people, but more importantly a part of a global counterattack against the CCP’s unrestricted war against the West. These people are helping the local Canadians to protect the country of Canada from the malice infiltration from the Communist state of China. The point of coming to the doorsteps is to physically expose the true identity of the CCP associates. It is out of efficiency and urgency. The ideal outcome of the protest is that, once revealed in the local community, the fake ones can fake no more. They will become useless for the CCP and soon to be abandoned. 

I would like to sum up the fake ones I have mentioned for the better understanding of my English readers. I would say they are not to be understood as a typical spy. They are not specially trained for the elite skills to conduct any sophisticated spying missions. What they are good at is to be a propaganda tool for the CCP. Except a few such as Bob Fu and Wei Shi, most of them are in low profile in society and individually they are incapable of doing any big attack like a terrorist against their host countries, but their lies can do big damage in some circumstances. They are in a much larger number than the typical spies a state can produce. They do not have a belief in what they are doing. Whoever they are and whatever occupations they are in, they are just the opportunists and are conveniently recruited by the CCP at a time in place when the CCP needs them. The matter of fact is they serve the CCP, so they can be accurately understood as CCP’s agents. But calling them “agents” is an overstatement  since many of them do not have a profile on the CCP’s employment list. They are behaving more like a thief in the dark than performing the double identities of an undercover agent. 

In my opinion, the fake ones belong to a category undefined in the playbook of the national security department in the Western countries. The fake ons are a weird hybrid of half a civilian and half a CCP’s agent. They are the product of the unrestricted warfare against the West. Although insignificant individually, they have collectively helped the CCP’s overseas propaganda campaign by consolidating misleading information piece by piece in their local communities. Collectively, they are a weapon of the information war against the West, which has a huge impact against the national security of the Western countries. However, they are often overlooked by the local intelligence office of their host countries, because they are low in profile but large in number.  In the wake of the CCP-virus attack that could cripple the Western economy, the fake ones continue to do the damage by spreading false information about the virus in favour of the CCP. However, the local authorities have not taken actions to deal with the fake ones. In my opinion, it is in this urgency that the local Chinese communities take the lead to deal with the fake ones, to protect our communities and our world from the CCP’s insidious attack. 

The protesters from the New Federal State of China. 

Written by 藝術小哥(Alibro)

(This article only represents the author’s opinions)

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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1 year ago

CCP Virus ,CCP Lied,The world people died.Take down the CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !
Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah !



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