Deservingly, Pompeo won the "IRI Freedom Award" from the International Republican Institute-the biggest threat to freedom and democracy is the Chinese Communist Party

On October 13, US Eastern Time, Mr. Pompeo, the US Secretary of State, was awarded the IRI Freedom Award and delivered a speech at the virtual award ceremony. The IRI Freedom Award is an annual award established by the International Republican Society in 1995. The award recognizes individuals who have made efforts to promote freedom and democracy in their country and the world.

Pompeo once again spoke for the Chinese people. He said that the CCP persecuted religious followers, imprisoned millions of people in concentration camps, forced abortions and sterilizations, and its evil spread throughout Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong, and every corner behind the Great Firewall. Pompeo pointed out that the CCP has deprived 1.4 billion people of their freedom of speech, assembly, association, and press, and plundered the Chinese people and the world. The CCP is a stain of the century.

Pompeo made it clear that the United States is challenging the CCP and has promoted the following:

  1. The Trump administration sanctioned CCP officials and punished them;
  2. The Trump administration issued a consultation for US companies to let them know the risks of working with Chinese state-owned enterprises and opaque supply chains;
  3. The United States is strengthening its military dominance and working with its allies to establish a free and open Indo-Pacific region;

Pompeo said that the spirit of freedom and democracy is the foundation of the United States, and the biggest threat to freedom and democracy today is the Chinese Communist Party. Today’s America will be tested again and he believes that the United States can uphold the values of freedom and democracy.

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