Sino (Xiong Xianmin), a Shameless CCP Agent

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Sino, originally named Xiong Xianmin, was born on July 13, 1954, in Zhejiang, China. He earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Beihang University and Northwestern Polytechnical University (Xi’an), respectively. He currently resides in Flushing, New York. Xiong had repeatedly committed multiple cases of swindling and sexual abuse in China. In the US, Xiong continued to harass and molest Chinese women. Online sources have shown that Xiong has long been fabricating political asylum cases for profit. Xiong was suspected of falsifying entry and exit records and personal experiences to deceive the US government.

1. A false political asylum mentor

On February 23, 2018, in a live video of the voice of the free China channel, a mysterious netizen’s phone call revealed that Sino, a reporter from the BoXun website, was responsible for handling political asylum. “Sino himself admits that he is doing political asylum, …, I have his video, …, And there is a video of him offering political asylum training courses, which are not allowed in the United States,” the netizen said

After that, twitter netizen Tang Seng subduing demons, claiming that he was the person who called in the live program, and tweeted the relevant records, videos, and audio of Sino’s political patronage group. In the video, we can see that on the whiteboard of Sino’s finger, the materials needed for political asylum are written, and there is a twitter account of Sino. It is obvious that he is teaching political asylum, and the background is BoXun’s office. In the following series of videos, we can see several images of Sino wearing different clothes at different times. Obviously, he did not organize a fake political asylum training on a whim but often held similar training courses.

2. Changeable Sino, deceiving nature

Since 2003, Sino has set up a large number of companies in China to earn a lot of profits. On the other hand, Sino has been cheating everywhere in the United States as a democracy. Some netizens collected and listed the email, telephone, address, and social account used by Sino for more than ten years. From this, we can see how he cheated between China and the United States.

In 2003, Sino worked in sinoloop investments as the national automobile patent transfer agent.

In 2007, Sino joined Beijing Youce consulting company to carry out memory training activities and various consulting activities.

During 2015, Sino joined General Xiong’s housekeeping service, specializing in house cleaning, especially killing cockroaches, bedbugs, and mice,etc. Also, in 2015, Sino advertised to help install home monitoring systems and recruited some online marketers.

In 2017, Sino began to sell books on political asylum law, and cooperated with Ye Ning’s law firm to set up the New York traffic ticket processing network. Also, in 2017, Sino changed his mind and became a private detective again, tweeting: “If you need more detailed information: the past and present address, telephone number, name of relative… Please contact Sino.” In the face of these different professions with their own professional characteristics, I don’t know how Mr. Sino can freely switch.

3. Suspected of financial fraud

Once again in 2017, Mr. Sino tried to take advantage of the president. Trump became the president of the United States this year, and Sino released a loan advertisement, which is titled “Trump loan, supporting the American boss to do business”. In the name of President Trump, he claimed to represent Wall Street loan company, which was funded by the team of Trump, mainly supporting the American boss in doing business, and could provide loans of 5~500 thousand US dollars, with a loan period of six months to 2 years. Companies that have operated in the United States for more than half a year and can provide bank statements can apply. The interest should be decided by interviews. Such favorable loan conditions, backed by the president, have hidden the important condition of loan interest, which makes it difficult for people not to suspect him with some financial fraud methods prevailing in China.

As a “knowledgeable person” who changed his identity easily, a “mentor” who provides training for false political asylum, how and through what kind of identity can he obtain the trust of President Trump is? According to our common sense and common judgment, this is nothing. What is such a loan, if not a financial fraud?

4. Sino and Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay Bookstore

So far, as a reporter, Xiong’s most glamorous moment is related to the Hong Kong Causeway Bay Bookstore incident. From October to December 2015, five shareholders and employees of Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay Bookstore were secretly arrested by the CCP. In early 2016, Xiong revealed to several news outlets (VOA, BBC, etc.), claiming that he was one of the authors of the book, Xi Jinping and His Lovers, which led to the arrest of the booksellers. He also claimed that he chose to publish the book online and disclosed his authorship to challenge the CCP.

In this way, Xiong tried to take credit and shaped his image as a “pro-democracy activist”. However, according to the inside information obtained by Miles Guo and Lude News Agency, Xiong was precisely the culprit that led to the CCP’s persecution of the five people working for the Causeway Bay Bookstore. CCP commissioned its agent Sino to get in touch with the Causeway Bay Bookstore (CBB) with a fake book proposal on Xi Jinping’s love history to trap CBB personnel. According to the live broadcast of Miles Guo, Xiong actually provided private information to the CCP and facilitated the arrest of those people. Xiong’s acts in this incident was a perfect manifestation of his insidiousness and nastiness as a CCP spy.

While posing himself as a “pro-democracy activist” to gain fame, Xiong indeed works for the CCP to trap real activists. So is the tactic employed by Meng Weican and other CCP agents for decades. Quite a several democracy-loving dissidents and the Chinese have been deceived and persecuted by them. Xiong’s acts shall not be tolerated anymore and the image of the law-abiding Chinese diaspora cannot be damaged by these undercover CCP agents, including Xiong Xianmin. With the inception of the campaign to take down the CCP agents, it is high time we uphold rule of law and justice and call out these black sheep.

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CCP Virus ,CCP Lied,The world people died.Take down the CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !
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