The Action of “Take the CCP overseas spies to court”

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Since September 2020, more and more people have spontaneously carried out legal and peaceful protests against pro-democracy imposters in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Taiwan.
The action we are taking is neither a simple protest nor a simple activity to protect our civil rights, it’s a revolution which can have a significant ramification on our society. “Take the CCP overseas spies to court” is an action that expose all those CCP spies who sneaked all around the world. We shall not let any of them escape from justice.
If they supported CCP’s evil deeds, praised the CCP’s criminal activities, opposed Hong Kong protests, lied or spreaded misinformation about Dr. Yan, our hero scientist, attacked Whistle blowers’ Movement and opposed anti-CCP movement, then all of them are our enemies.

Here are the list of the CCP spies around the world:

Liehong Zhuang(Chinese name: 庄烈宏), New York

Peope protested in front of Liehong Zhuang’s house

Hong Zeng (Chinese name: 曾宏),New York

Mang Liuzi(Chinese name:盲流子 Real name: Qingmin Jin 靳清敏),Los Angeles

People protested outside Mang Liuzi’s house

Bob Fu (Chinese name:傅希秋), Midland,Texas

Expose Bob Fu — A CCP Spy disguised as Pastor Bob Fu

People protested outside Bob Fu’s house
Local people came to support protesters.

Jianmin Wu (Chinese name: 吴建民),Irvine

A peaceful protest at Jianmin Wu’s house

Huang Hebian (Chinese name:黄河边 Real name: 高冰尘 Bingchen Gao),Vancouver

People protested outside Bingchen Gao’s house

Xi Si Ji Kong (Chinese name:细思极恐 Real name: 潘林正 Lingzheng Pan),Queensland

People protested outside Linzheng Pan’s house

New Zealand
Wanli Zhu(Chinese name:朱万利),Hamilton

People protested outside Wanli Zhu’s house


Xiang Lin (Chinese name:相林),Tokyo

People protested outside Xiang Lin’s place

Sisy Chen (Chinese name:陈文茜),Taipei

People protested outside Sisy Chen’s house

The action of “Take the CCP overseas spies to court” will expose these hidden Chinese communist spies one by one, and alert every country that the CCP has already exerted tremendous political, social and judicial influences in their society, and that they can no longer turn a blind eye and allow these communist spies to destroy their free and democratic society.
This Action is a true test for our New Federal State of China. The Western world is ruled by law, we shall put our trust in the hands of judicial system and let the court determine who is on the right side of the law. We are confident the court will expose the true color of these impostors.

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Outstanding article. Thank you for giving me hope we can destroy the CCP worldwide. 🙏

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Just enjoy the interesting article of Gnews! Oct. 13, 2020