【Hong Kong News】The delisted teacher’s personal gratitude and encouragement: leaving a message to cheer up is the most important pillar to protect Hong Kong’s education sector

Translator: EA; Reivewer: Wencheng

On October 10th, it was reported that a teacher of the Kowloon Tong Missionary Primary School was accused of spreading “Hong Kong Independence” messages in a planned way, and was canceled by the Education Bureau on the grounds of “serious professional malpractice” and was unable to set foot campus. The incident caused an uproar. Today (10th), the Education Association uploaded the letter from the primary school teacher to the Facebook page. The letter thanked the citizens for their care and support and pointed out that the citizens’ messages and encouragement are the most important pillars of protecting Hong Kong’s education sector, and encouraged everyone to cheer.

In addition, the Educational Association also launched the “Encouragement of the entire city to support the disqualified teacher!” activity, urging citizens to write encouraging sentences, and then hand over to the teacher through the Educational Association. Ye Jianyuan, vice president of the Education Association and member of the Education Legislative Council, said earlier that he would “appeal to the end” for the teacher. The Education Association Litigation and Emergency Assistance Fund established by the Education Association will crowdfund the relevant legal expenses to support legal proceedings and the teacher’s living expenses.

Following an earlier report on the Internet that the teacher “needs to find home tuition work urgently”, the primary school teacher once sent a message through the Education Association: “Thank you for your concern and support, but now I don’t need to look for home tuition work. Thank you everyone. This is the first time the teacher has written a letter and passed it to the public through the Education Association. Netizens all leave a message in the post, “Writing well! Come on!!!”, “Teacher, I won’t let you face it alone, everyone supports You”, cheer for the teacher.

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6 months ago

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