CCP urges all people to do NAT late at night in Qingdao

Author: Randy Yang

Editor: TNT Crew

According to a statement from the Health Commission of Qingdao, as of 11PM on October 11, there were a total of 6 confirmed CCP virus and 6 asymptomatic CCP virus carriers detected in Qingdao. All confirmed cases or asymptomatic infections found so far were closely related to Qingdao Chest Hospital, which is responsible for the treatment of CCP virus carriers from overseas. The CCP carried out a comprehensive nucleic acid test (NAT) in Qingdao overnight. According to the data released by the local government, around 277,968 samples were collected for NAT.

Residents line up overnight for testing

The epidemic prevention of CCP lacks transparency. Once a confirmed case is found, CCP will carry out NAT in the whole area. As a result, large-scale crowds will be gathered, which may easily lead to cross-infection. Meanwhile, the CCP never reported the real number of cases publicly and transparently and deduced the source of the virus from imported cases. Therefore Chinese people were deceived to believe that China’s national defense of the epidemic was very successful. If there were cases, the government would claim that they were imported from abroad. The bounce of CCP virus in Qingdao is evident that the epidemic did not disappear in China.

On October 12, the Lude Times on YouTube also talked about the situation in Qingdao. The host and guests were very worried that the CCP would use the epidemic to harm the families of Mr. Hao Haidong and Ms. Yan Li-Meng whose family members live in Qingdao.

Lude Interview talking about Qingdao epidemic
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