The Four Common Misconceptions about China – Part 2

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Do you know where our ancestor Fu Xi was originated? This is a misconception about Chinese geography. Fu Xi was from the remote antiquity Kunlun Hill, which was the birth place of Chinese nation. The remote antiquity Kunlun Hill and the Queen Mother of the West were known as the Chinese mythology, but they both were real. The Queen Mother of the West was a tribe, a place that still exists today and where the “legends of Mountains and Seas” took place at that time.  It was the Three-Sovereigns Times and Fu Xi was the First of the Three Sovereigns of ancient China. He observed astronomy, surveyed geography, viewed humanity and then came up with “Hetu Luoshu”. Fu Xi watched stars at night and erected a pole during the day to observe the movement of the sun shadows, and later he deduced the Diagram of Taiji, also known as Yin-Yang Symbol. The pole he erected was called Kunlun Boundary Wood, and it was how the Ornamental Column came into being. Therefore, when the successive emperors of all dynasties established their capitals, they all erected an Ornamental Column, just like the one in front of the Tiananmen Square in Beijing.  “Hetu Luoshu” was the source, and later Fu Xi created the Primordial Eight Trigrams, both of them were the origins of Chinese culture. Taking one word from each of “Hetu” and “Luoshu” together makes a word “TuShu”, which means Book, the source of the entire Chinese culture, not the Confucianism that followed.

“Hetu Luoshu” is not only a theory, but it is more of a science and a mathematical model. He knew the Way of Cosmos, the Way of Earth and the Way of mankind that is called “Jing Tian Wei Di”, which means having the universe and earth under control that indicates a great ability to guide the country. The trinity of cosmos, earth and human beings is the essence of Chinese culture. By the time of King Wen of Zhou, the essence was gone. Although he was greatly revered as a sage, especially the Confucians, the truth was that King Wen of Zhou had tampered with I Ching, which originally consisted of two divination systems only, Lianshan and Guizang. The I Ching was supposed to be called Lianshan Guizang, but he tampered with it and came up with Zhou Yi, also known as Book of Changes.  The biggest problem was that King Wen of Zhou changed Primordial Eight Trigrams into Posterior Eight Trigrams and caused a whole mess of mistakes and confusions. Therefore, the later generations of the Zhou Dynasty got worse and worse and this was the true nature of real China.

The roots of the Chinese nation lie in the remote antiquity Kunlun Hill, which is not the Karakoram Mountain (Kunlun Shan) of today. Karakoram was later named by Emperor Wu of Han when Zhang Qian was on a mission to the West and found a mountain that resembled the legendary Kunlun Hill. By the Han Dynasty, people simply had no idea about the remote antiquity culture, because the First Emperor of Qin destroyed the essence of remote antiquity culture through burning of books and burying of scholars. The up and down five thousand years of Chinese civilization means there are two-5000 years, the first 5000 years and the next 5000 years. The first 5000 years was the real Chinese culture, but has been largely lost; the next 5000 years was a constant degeneration, so Chinese history is a continuously regressive process. It reached its peak by the Zhou Dynasty, and then it became fading and atrophy. We have a misconception about Chinese history; adding up the first 5000 years and the next 5000 years should be roughly 10000 years, at lease more than 8000 years, which means it has been 8000 years since Fu Xi’ s Three-Sovereigns Times. Moving on to Chinese geography, the real source of Chinese nation is not the Central Plain, which appeared very late in the real history. People left the remote antiquity Kunlun Hill and migrated along the Hill all the way to the east, as the population slowly grew, they went down the Hill to Guanzhong Plain and found the way eastward to the area that is now the city of Luoyang, the East Capital and the former Shang Capital were both in that area. This is the misconception about Chinese geography. Why are there so many places in Chinese geography with same names? The reason was that one of their families left hometown and moved to a new place, but missed their hometown, so they renamed the new place with the names of their native hills and streams, which is called the clan migrated with the name.  That is why there are a lot of places in China with the same names. But which is the original source; it is the remote antiquity Kunlun Hill.

“Chinese people are the descendants of Yan and Huang” is a misconception about Chinese ancestry. The truth is that Yan Di and Huang Di appeared 3000 to 4000 years after Fu Xi and Yan-Huang from now is only a bit more than 4700 years, let’s say 5000 years, the archaeological evidences can prove this. Many people believe that Confucianism and Taoism is the source, invented by Confucius; this is the misconception about Chinese culture. The truth is that Confucius only systematically reorganized the experience on governance handed down from Yao and Shun and adopted the system of moral laws established by the Kings Wen and Wu. He narrated rather than developed because he just sorted out the ancient wisdom. Confucius only knew Zhou Yi on the three forms of I Ching, the other two Lianshan and Guizang, he did not know too much about them, that is why Confucianism is only one part of Chinese culture, and Taoism is another part, even their combination is still incomprehensive, that is why Chinese culture is basically lost. Fortunately it is not completely lost, just hidden, people destined to know it will get it. These are the four common misconceptions about China we need to clear up.


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Original opinion article by Himalaya Manor Canada – 2020/10/11

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