The HK Education Association strongly condemns the incident of delisted teachers as a “dark box operation”. Crowdfunding has been launched to help the teacher. [Following report]

Translator:Doco文鼎; Reviewer: Wencheng文橙
Vice-chairman of the association, Ye Jianyuan. Source: RTHK

On October 5th, according to the website of the Hong Kong Education Association, the Hong Kong Education Association responded as follows regarding the cancellation of a teacher’s qualification by the Education Bureau:

  1. The Association of Education has been following up on that case and has an in-depth understanding of the situation. It believes that the Education Bureau has decided to cancel the teacher’s qualification and impose extreme punishment in the education area. The procedures are neither fair nor reasonable. The Education Association is assisting teachers to appeal.
  2. Regarding the teacher planned to disseminate the information of Hong Kong independence, which designated by the Education Bureau, the Education Association believes that it is totally fake. And the Education Bureau made a unilateral ruling without carefully listening to the reply. They also issued a letter of condemnation and warning to the school principal and teacher respectively. It was a despicable behavior of intimidating school management. The Education Association believes that such an behavior is absolutely unacceptable. .
  3. The Education Association believes that the Education Bureau failed to do its fair and equitable investigations. It also blamed the education sector and individual teachers working in dark box to protect itself and shirk the government’s responsibility for governance mistake. The Education Association strongly condemned the education sector and individual teachers, who did not distinguish right from wrong in the process of dark box work.

On the other hand, the “803 Fund” founded by Liang Zhenying is applying for judicial review, requesting the Education Bureau to disclose the names of teachers who have been judged as professionally inappropriate. The Education Association is also discussing about the next steps with lawyers, and considering intervening in judicial review.

The Hong Kong Education Association stated that the education sector is now facing a dangerous moment, and attacks and suppressions on the education sector will come one after another. In earlier this year, the Teachers’ union established a litigation and emergency assistance fund to provide direct assistance to many teachers who have been politically persecuted. Due to the peculiarities of the current situation, it is expected that the required assistance costs will continue to rise. The Education Association appeals to all people and all educators to help each other, be united, support crowdfunding, and provide teachers with legal assistance and emergency financial help.

Under the CCP and Carrie Lam’s suppression by the Hong Kong government, the Hong Kong Education Association must insist to the end and always stand with teachers.

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take down the ccp, God bless the kind people