The CCP Revisited 6, Blue-Gold-Yellow-Green (BGY/G), the CCP’s Secret Weapon to Infiltrate the International Community

Authors: Education Group of M.O.S_Himalaya

The devilish nature of the CCP is reflected in the fact that when dealing with anyone, it does not follow the universal value of punishing evil and promoting good, but just the opposite: all of its tactics revolve around how to exploit the evil in human nature, and by stimulating and magnifying it, it collects a large amount of unfavorable evidence against the target, in order to blackmail the latter and ultimately achieve the goal of completely controlling the latter.

What is BGY/G

The greater the fame and status of the world’s elites, the greater the likelihood of being targeted for infiltration by the CCP. Once targeted, with the CCP’s virtually unlimited resources and unscrupulous methods, the possibility of escaping its control is basically zero. After falling into the trap, fame and status will in turn become the CCP’s leverage to blackmail these elites, and the more prominent and famous they are, the more likely they are to become deadly loyal to the CCP. This is because fame and status are the foundation of everything else for an individual, and when one loses them, everything else will be lost.

BGYG are the CCP’s secret weapons to infiltrate the international community. Among these colors (codes), blue mainly refers to network attacks and intelligence gathering through internet, gold refers to financial bribes, yellow refers to the use of sex, gambling, drugs and other forms of seduction, and green refers to the “longevity and health” project, which originally served the privileged class of the CCP, now open to targets of infiltration, providing globally exclusive services such as serum injections and organ transplants. Every injection and organ in these “services” is offered at the cost of innocent Chinese lives, and anyone who accepts them automatically becomes part of the CCP’s evil clique (see part 3 for organ harvesting).

Such “alliances”, forged through evil deeds, are hidden in the depths of human nature, unheard of in history books and unimaginable in fiction. They happen openly, but they easily escape the scrutiny of civilized society. Occasionally, someone escapes from the abyss and exposes the evil in it, but it is often too “sensational” to be dismissed as nonsense by the outside world, and in the end they are either silenced or bought off by the CCP.

This, by the way, also reflects the preciousness of Mr. Guo Wengui’s initiation of the Whistleblowing Movement in 2017, which targets the Chinese Communist Party’s dark side. It is because of Mr. Guo’s extraordinary perseverance to “climb out of the hell of the CCP” and expose the CCP’s evil deeds to the world that we can understand it from almost zero distance and see it for what it is. We cannot imagine how many more years the Chinese Communist Party would have continued to do evil in the world without the superhuman courage of Mr. Guo, who once stood alone against one all-mighty government.

With regard to BGY/G, several points need to be emphasized

For one thing, compared to any other organization known in the world, the Chinese Communist Party can be said to have virtually unlimited resources. This is because, first, it has been nearly 100 years since the founding and has held power for more than 70 years without any interruption. Two, according to the CCP’s communist doctrine, all major resources in the country belong to the state and are at the CCP’s disposal, which are worth hundreds of trillions of dollars.

Second, the BGY/G directly serves the CCP’s ultimate strategy of infiltrating the international community and dominating the world, and thus the budget has never been an issue for it.

Third, it is a systematic project rather than a simple piecemeal activity. Specifically, elites from all over the world, from politics to business, media, entertainment, academia and even Internet celebrities, who have reached a certain level of influence, may all be included in its infiltration plan.

To better understand the Chinese Communist Party’s infiltration methods, let’s compare them to the classic scam in the old Hollywood movie “The Sting”, which are, of course, at least a thousand times bigger than the latter. Let’s say the CCP decides to buy an American scientist, it simply sends him a letter through a university inviting him to an academic conference, and then waits for the American to turn himself in. From the time the American leaves for China to the time he returns to the United States, the CCP can precisely control everyone he meets and everything that happens to him during his journey. As for the hotels, restaurants and nightclubs where he stays, the spying equipment had been installed when the buildings were built to collect information on all aspects of their customers. To the American, he thought he was attending an ordinary academic conference, but the reality was that he had just hopped into an elaborate super-studio set up by the CCP, and everything he experienced during the trip had to follow the script written by the Communist Party in advance.

Just imagine, when an unsuspecting ordinary person who has been living in a civilized society for a long time suddenly falls into such an all-pervasive invisible network, what can he do to resist the various traps set by the CCP, which are designed to magnify the evils of human nature? If he is caught, the CCP will use the “unfavorable evidence” in its possession to blackmail him, and at the same time set more and more traps for him to fall deeper and deeper into, until finally, he will have no other choice but to serve the CCP with all his heart. Of course, serving the CCP is not just about preserving one’s current position and reputation, but also about enjoying the privileges offered by the latter and continuing to indulge one’s evil desires.

This is just a simple case. As the CCP has expanded its influence, it no longer needs to attract its prey to the Chinese mainland or even involve the Chinese directly, but can accomplish many tasks simply by using its vast overseas network. 

Big Money, Big Boss

According to Mr. Guo Wengui, the CCP has adopted a fixed percentage of trade volume to determine its budget for infiltration into key countries starting in 2014. For key countries like the United States and Australia, the percentage has increased from 1% at the beginning to 5% today. In the case of the US-China trade volume in 2018, for example, 5% of the volume is $36.8 billion, which amounts to the infiltration budget for the next year! By the same token, one can calculate the CCP’s infiltration budget for Australia in 2019 at 10 billion!

For comparison, in 2016, Hillary and Trump raised less than 2 billion dollars for their presidential campaigns combined. Not to mention the average member of Congress! How much can they raise per year! and how many American politicians can be “bought” with 36.8 billion!

Whose pocket does such a huge amount of funding end up in? Who is the target of CCP infiltration? To put it another way, let us look at the so-called elites and see who, time and again, ignores the basic facts and supports the Chinese Communist Government, overtly or covertly, in line with the latter’s strategy of global expansion. Common sense tells us that whoever contributes the most money to a company is also the biggest owner of the company. The Chinese Communist Party never just throws money away and is done with it, it keeps evidence of every expenditure and use them as a leverage to control the other side in the future. The result is that politicians in democracies appear to be elected to power claiming to represent and serve the interests of their constituents, but in reality, it is those super-rich like the CCP that they really serve! 


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(to be continued)

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