EP 3: Hong Kong’s Pandemic

Hong Kong Signs of the Times

By: Sky Sun

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) covered up the truth of the Covid-19 virus and unleashed it to the world. Exploiting the pandemic, the CCP made and sold poor-quality testers and health materials.

The CCP backs the Hong Kong government to implement deep-nose sampling and promotes health code to collect the citizens’ DNAs and private data. Hong Kong will be the next Xinjiang.

The virus only frustrates you. What really kills your hope is the governmental policy. Those who believed the CCP’s lies ended up with dead. Hong Kong is an example as to how the CCP surveils and oppresses people.

The CCP exports surveillance all over the world. Consequently, it helps authoritarian regimes to build Orwellian states as well as manipulating politics in democratic countries.

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Hong Kong Signs Of The Times

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灭共52165 新中国联邦

take down the ccp, God bless the kind people

1 year ago

CCP Virus ,CCP Lied,The world people died.Take down the CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !
Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah !


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