Solemn Statement on the CCP’s Illegal Arrest and Detention of Dr. Li-meng Yan’s Mother

中文版链接 :对中共非法抓捕绑架闫丽梦博士母亲的声明

We recently learned that the mother of Dr. Li-Meng Yan, our heroic scientist was arrested and detained by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime without due process. We strongly condemn the CCP’s lawlessness and its anti-human behavior. Moreover, we strongly protest against the CCP targeting innocent individuals by playing with their so-called “law”. Just as all the illegal and violent arrests of underage children that we have witnessed in Hong Kong over the past year, the latest arrest of Dr. Yan’s mother once again exposed the gangster nature of the Communist regime. The crime committed by the CCP is self-evident!

The CCP’s move against Dr. Yan’s mother is, no doubt, a complete disgrace. On the other hand, CCP’s desperate act to silence Dr. Yan not only validated the evidence that Dr. Yan and three other fellow scientists have shown in their first report but also showed us that the CCP is terrified by the second report which plans to be published this week. As Dr. Yan’s claims start to gain worldwide influence and widespread resonance in Western society, it is obvious that the CCP is in a panic mode. The substantial impact of Dr. Yan’s report and the strong push for truth of the Whistleblower Movement have brought an existential threat to the CCP, but CCP’s miscalculated move of arresting Dr. Yan’s mother will be the last nail on its own coffin.

What Dr. Yan did was out of the integrity and justice of a scientific researcher, and out of the great love of a doctor has for all mankind. As someone who possessed inside knowledge of this devastating virus, Dr. Yan felt a strong sense of responsibility to deliver the truth to the world. While such action would require tremendous courage even in a free world, under CCP’s surveillance State, Dr. Yan literally put her own life, career, family aside in order to reveal the truth to the world, so that all the people can be saved and public health and safety can be defended. For silencing her, the CCP has illegally taken Dr. Yan’s mother hostage. The CCP has engaged itself to be an enemy of all mankind, and targeted people all over the world with this lab-made virus; however, we have no doubt that the CCP will be held accountable for this malicious move and will be punished most severely.

We hereby express our earnest admiration for Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s brave and selfless behavior, and also express our sincere appreciation for everything she has done for us! We want to say to Dr. Yan that your family is our family, and any misfortune of your family is also a tragedy of ours. All of us will stand firmly by your side and fight side by side with you. We will never let our hero fight alone!

For those in the scientific community who have colluded with the CCP, we hope you will finally recognize the CCP’s evil nature and stand up to expose the truth of the virus, of course, under safe circumstances! It is time for all of us to recognize the fact that no one is safe as long as the CCP exists. The CCP has killed millions of people during its 70-year rule in China. If you don’t take down the CCP, no matter how well-known you are, you will inevitably become a sacrifice for the CCP. If you don’t take down the CCP, the bizarre and tragic deaths, that had happed to those scientists who had worked for the CCP, might one day be your destiny (see figures).

For those Party insiders whose conscience has not been lost, we also hope you can clearly see the evil nature of the CCP, the madness of the dying CCP, and the cruelty of the CCP treating everyone as dispensable. The wheels of time will continue rolling forward and the annihilation of the CCP is inevitable. we hope that all members of the CCP would stop blindly following the CCP. This is not only for yourself but also for generations to come!

Finally, to the CCP, no matter how evil you behave, no matter how loud you shout, no matter what dirty tricks you use, or no matter what cruel methods you employ, you are nothing but a fierce-looking, bluffing paper tiger. You are nothing but a parasite to your own people and the West. The time when the world is awakening is your doomsday. The rise of the people is your death sentence! We vowed to fight you, the biggest terrorist regime in the world, to the end; and we vowed to eradicate you, the cancer of mankind, from the earth! Life is eternal and fighting against you is enduring! CCP, release Dr. Yan’s mother immediately; put down your butcher’s knife; and end the suffers of the Chinese people! Otherwise, the righteous forces from the whole world will never forgive you, and the whole Chinese people will never easily let you slide! CCP, do go ahead on your way to hell and never return!

Himalaya UK

Himalaya Hawk Squad

October 4, 2020

Edited by:【Himalaya Hawk Squad】

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take down the ccp, God bless the kind people


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