ARTICLES Large Anti-CCP Demonstrations Held in Vancouver and Montreal on October 1st

Large Anti-CCP Demonstrations Held in Vancouver and Montreal on October 1st


Himalaya Farm Canada 文永

Vancouver and Montreal saw large peaceful demonstrations on October 1st, with hundreds of participants in each city protesting against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime, and demanding democracy and religious freedom. All demonstrations were peaceful and well-organized, with participants in uniform T-shirts and hats, waving flags of the New Federal State of China (NFSC).

The demonstration was organized by the Himalaya Canada Farm, with participants in blue uniform T-shirts and hats, matching the color of the NFSC flags. During the parade, police offered protection along the parade route. Participants chant slogans like “Take Down CCP”, “Chinese Communist Party is not China” and “CCP Lies, Canadians Die”, in an effort to wake up Canadians to the truth of the COVID-19 and promote recognition of the NFSC.

In Vancouver, at around 9 am, more than 120 demonstrators gathered in front of the Chinese Consulate. They lined up on both sides of the street, holding signs of “CCP Lie, Canadians Die” and “Take Down CCP”, waving NFSC flags and chanting slogans. Some local news reporters were also present to take pictures and video footage.

Speaking over the loudspeaker, Laojiang, one of the leaders of the Himalaya Canada Farm, recounted the criminal activities of the CCP during their 71-year-rule of China.

In the afternoon, the demonstration was held in front of Vancouver Art Gallery. Some demonstrators arrived by the ferry from other cities to join the demonstration; some others drove all the way from Saskatchewan to participate.

Large crowd gathered when leader Laojiang gave a speech on the origin of the COVID-19, and the horrible crimes CCP committed against the Chinese people.

Some passer-by stopped to ask for further information, and protestors explained the purpose of the demonstration, how CCP ruled China with force, and infiltrated Canada and the world through espionage and AI technology.

Another group of more than 150 demonstrators from Toronto, Montreal, and other nearby cities gathered in front of the Chinese Consulate in Montreal. For those demonstrators from Toronto, they had to head off as early as 5:30 am and, in a fleet of 12 cars, drive more than 540KMs to join the demonstration, and yet were all very excited as they arrived at the gathering place.

The demonstration is also peaceful and well-organized, with participants wearing blue uniforms and hats, and singing Himalaya – The Pinnacle of Freedom. They showed the city an image of the new Chinese people, one that is different from Chinese Communist Party. The city police were also on site to offer protection.

Demonstrators held signs of “CCP Lied, Canadians Died”,” Take Down the CCP” and “Take Down the Firewall”. The Chinese Consulate didn’t respond to the demonstration.

The demonstrators also had a parade in the downtown area, and stopped at places like Rue Sainte-Catherine, Place des Arts, and Boulevard de Maisonneuve. Some drivers on the street honked as a signal of support when they drove by.

This demonstration is a follow-up of the earlier demonstrations held on July 27th, and August 25th and 29th. Each later demonstration has more participants as the NFSC became more widely recognized.

These demonstrations aim to bring public awareness of the atrocities of the CCP and the crimes it committed against its own people. At the same time, it shows the world the image of the peaceful, freedom-loving people of the NFSC, and their resolves to fight against CCP, until it is totally eliminated from the earth.

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