[Hong Kong News] When Hong Kong people applied for the peaceful march on the 10.1 National Day, the police said: against, against, against.

Translator:sisyphus(天元); Reviewer: Wencheng(文橙)

The CHRF of  Hong Kong appealed against the police’s notice of objection to the March of 10.1. The public assembly and procession appeal board rejected the appeal and upheld the police’s decision against the March.

The police welcomed the ruling that there was reason to believe that the event was a high-risk event with a large number of people, which would increase the risk of new pneumonia among participants and other members of the public. In recent months, different groups have organized illegal rallies and different violent incidents have occurred. It is necessary to oppose the march in order to maintain public safety and order.

Sufficient police will be deployed on the same day to appeal to the public not to participate in the unauthorized assembly and prohibited group gathering.

Cen zijie, convener of the CHRF, said that the hearing result was a failure as estimated earlier. He criticized the authorities for telling Hong Kong people to get used to the new normal of the epidemic situation. However, the parade and assembly could not be held as usual, and thought the situation was absurd.

Mr Cen cited the case of registered visitors to the theme park raised by the police at the hearing. He was worried that the government would require Hong Kong people to take part in the march in real name in the future, which would further crack down on the freedom of expression of Hong Kong people. He called on the public to put on black clothes and make a statement on that day, expressing their concern about the 12 Hong Kong people detained by the mainland.

Cen zijie said that it was impossible to estimate when the authorities would crack down on them, stressing that the democratic front of the people’s Liberation Army would continue to apply for the March until it succeeded

Cen zijie, convener of the CHRF was opposed by the black police when he applied for the death day of the 10.1 National People’s Liberation Army. I believe that many Hong Kong people know it well, and it is not the first time that they have been opposed to the March. For Hong Kong people, the march was originally a kind of freedom and human rights granted to Hong Kong by the basic law and international law, but today it has become a difficult situation.

Lin Zheng said at the press conference that there is a mechanism to process applications for processions and demonstrations. It’s nonsense. Now the black police are bigger than the Lin Zheng government. Now the police are the spokesmen of the national security law. If you want to arrest anyone, you can arrest them. A bad National security law can make the basic law of Hong Kong seem to be illusory. Hong Kong is now difficult to apply for a demonstration, and even those who dare to tell the truth are banned. This just confirms the fragrance Hong Kong has entered an era of totalitarian control.

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5 months ago

CCP Virus ,CCP Lied,The world people died.Take down the CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !
Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah !