Who is Our Real Enemy? – Part 4

Miles Guo told us that the type of government is determined by its people,the CCP is easy to take down, but it’s hard to remove people’s mind haze. Now, the CCP is about to take down and we would like to talk about our real enemy after the end of the CCP.

We have a special way of seeing things from the perspective of Chinese traditional wisdom. Please look at the above picture, which shows a large tank with water in it. As the water gets dirty, it produces lots of dirt, like duckweed, which symbolizes all kinds of problems. These could be corporate problem, social problem, family problem, pollution problem and the mental problem that is what Miles Guo called Mind haze. How to solve these problems? We should see the essence through the appearance. The essence has three levels.

At the first level, looking at the level of duckweed, which is the appearance or phenomenon. As we all know that China has all kinds of social problems, many phenomena in all area, including different aspects of education and all levels of society. How to solve these problems? The simplest way is to wipe off the duckweed. Many people will say that is easy, use a scissor to cut it all. You can do it, but you will find the duckweed growing back before long. Some other people will say press it down and ignore it. But press gourd dipper float. Therefore, by solving the duckweed problem only, you will find it can never be completely solved.  That is to start on the phenomenal level and will never completely solve the problem, you will get tired and you become the fire captain, constantly trying to solve problems one after another. Looking at the phenomenal level only is not enough. Some people will say that they can kill the duckweed using poisons or pesticides. Yes, you can kill this duckweed, but soon another will be born, and the one that you have never seen will come out again. What will you do? Therefore, there is no end to solve the duckweed; these problems will never be solved.  This is the first level.

At the second level, people who have wisdom would think: seeing so much duckweed is a phenomenon, a fact that is real and inescapable. But what is the reason for the duckweed? Through careful observation, it turns out that it is the dirty water that produces duckweed. As long as the water is dirty, it will breed bacteria and produce all kinds of duckweed and dirty things. So, wise people don’t care about the duckweed, they just use a pump to dry the water out, and the duckweed will quickly dry up and die.

At the third level, will the problem be solved by drying the water out? Not necessarily. This is an open water tank and it will rain, so the water will get dirty again. The duckweed definitely will come out following with other kinds of problems, then what to do next? Dry the water out again? Some people will say to resolve the water’s fluidity and turn it into flowing water. This is useless, because a variety of aquatic duckweed and aquatic plants will grow, then what will you do? The people who are wiser will further to think why there is duckweed, because of dirty water. Why there is water, because of the tank. So hit the tank to solve all the problems. The problem of dirty water and duckweed does not exist, this is completely put an end to the problem, which is the true wisdom. This is the third level that is advocated by our Chinese traditional wisdom.

Today, so many problems in China are all kinds of duckweed that need to be dealt with. The water is the Chinese Communist Party that causes all kinds of social problems, because policies and laws are made by the CCP and the system is also determined by the CCP. What’s the tank? Some say it’s the system, some say it’s the rule of law, some say it’s the absence of faith, some say it’s the ordinary people, and some say it’s the vote. Will votes solve all the problems? Many democracies have votes, but they also have a lot of social problems. Some say it’s the League of Nations, which has problems too. Why is the CCP standing in China? There are lots of reasons, but a very important one is that the CCP has so many mercenary “friends” internationally. The reason its implementation of BGY (Blue Gold Yellow) could work is that there are so many greedy people are in collusion with the CCP, so we should give up any illusions about the League of Nations. What’s the tank? This is a fundamental issue. It is useless to take down the CCP without changing the tank. If we change to a democratic constitutional system, like the United States, will that solve the problem? America also has a lot of traitors, unscrupulous media and bad guys. Therefore, democracy alone cannot solve the problem; democracy is in the “water” level, not to the level of the tank. What’s the tank? We must see the essence of the problem. Who is our real enemy? It’s the tank. If it is not figured out, the whistleblower’s movement will only solve the problem of water. Please stay tuned for a breakdown of how to solve the fundamental problem of the tank in the next episode!

Author: Lily, 小仙女

Translator: Squirrel

Original Opinion Article by Himalaya Manor Canada – 2020/09/30

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1 month ago

CCP Virus ,CCP Lied,The world people died.Take down the CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !
Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah !