More than 30 people broke into the University of Hong Kong and destroyed Lennon Walls

Translator: Guiling; Reviewer: Wencheng


The Hong Kong University Student Union released news in Undergrad, reporting that on September, 26th, 2020, many unidentified people broke into the campus of the University of Hong Kong (HKU), tore up three Lennon Walls on the upper floors of University Street, and toppled the flag of the Hong Kong University Student Union.

The HKU responded to the inquiry from Stand News that the university deeply regrets that similar acts of sabotage have occurred repeatedly on campus. They emphasized that no organization or individual is allowed to destroy campus facilities and furnishings without authorization; the university is reviewing the incident as well as campus management and security measures and does not exclude holding the persons involved accountable.

The student union later issued a statement on Facebook, describing it as “obviously premeditated by fanatics”, destroying the Lennon Wall built by the student union over the past few months, and infringing on the freedom of speech, which is strongly condemned. The Student Union stated that it will never tolerate the wanton destruction of the Lennon Wall by fanatics, and will launch the “Rebuild Lennon Wall in HKU” action, and call on the HKU students to participate.

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1 month ago

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