If Something Is Not Yours, It’ll Be Returned Back Sooner or Later

In Mr. Miles Guo’s September 27 G-TV livecast, he asked where Xu Jiayin (of Evergrande, serving Xi Jinping’s younger brother – Xi Yuanping) and Wang Jianlin were and where the numerous private jets owned by Wang Jian and Chen Feng (of HNA) were. He warned these people that “So if something is not yours, and if it was not obtained through proper channels, you will be forced to return it back sooner or later.” and “That’s why we say only the truth will prevail. Don’t follow the evil path, don’t follow the vicious path, and don’t follow the path of lies.”

Transcript:【文茶】Translator:【文茶】Proofreader:【Isaiah4031】Subtitles:【班仔】Video transcoding:【恒久忍耐】Editor:【Isaiah4031】

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