Take-Down-the-Pro-Democracy-Imposters: hunt-down has begun!

Three takeaways from Mr. Guo’s G-TV Getter on Sept. 25, 2020.

#1. Mr. Guo found certain videos and photos (as evidence) very disturbing to watch.

He felt “until the CCP is wiped out, justice is not served!”

#2. Mr. Guo encouraged BIAs to actively participate in this global Take-Down-the-Pro-Democracy-Imposters Movement. Those CCP’s lackeys should never be allowed to live off the West’s benefits, while facilitating the CCP in releasing viruses, and threatening the world. 

We the new Chinese of the NFSC, are totally different from those imposters. The WM BIAs will be hunting those imposters down with wisdom, courage, and by law – “Our battle grounds against these phonies are not their front yards, rather, the court of law, the police stations. “

#3. Our heroic scientist Dr. Yan, who had it all, and yet is determined to sacrifice it all for the sake of saving mankind. It is WM BIAs’ duty to defend and protect on her behalf. Any imposters who smear or attack Dr. Yan shall not be able not escape from this Take-Down-the-Imposter movement, for sure.

Transcript:【Jamie】Translator:【RD16】 Subtitle:【相机过热啊】Editor:【GM31】Transcoding:【恒久忍耐】 Upload:【Isaiah4031】

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"For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed." [John 3:20] Sep. 27