War Room: Pandemic “The CCP is a Demonic Force”

On the morning of Saturday, September 26th a shocking episode of War Room: Pandemic aired which covered several timely issues regarding the “Demonic Nature” of the Chinese Communist Party and its global alignment of partners. Despite stories of individuals being corrupted — the problem is much more extensive than has been made public so far. Each remaining sane human being should know that this is just the tip of the iceberg — as the CCP has infiltrated and successfully corrupted entire industries with its malign influence. The Chinese Communist Party bribes the Vatican with $2 billion yearly for its complicity in silence regarding the CCP’s innumerable and horrific crimes. The Pope — for his part — plays the role of a villain in assisting the ‘supervillain’ found in the Chinese Communist Party by covering up on behalf of this dark and twisted ideology. The CCP has found willing allies in international organizations as well as political groups, many of whom may simply be naive to the overarching strategy they are participating in.

This will truly be a period that shifts darkness to light — pitting the forces of good against evil in the earthly realm.

We know what’s coming. We know it’s coming from the Vatican. The Vatican is rolling out in October a ‘Green Encyclical’ which is going to go after — in support of the globalists — President Trump.


Elizabeth Yore, founder of Yore Children and a frequent guest of War Room, discussed at length a ‘biblical challenge’ that pits various entities in the Vatican from within the “Deep Church” along with their ideological counterparts in the United States against the rising tide of populism and economic nationalism, which represent an antidote to this disturbing and hostile darkness. A name she mentions several times — Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò — has been responsible for a number of explosive leaks in the Vatican that exposed the direct role of current Pope Francis in covering up child sexual abuse scandals inside the Church. In fact, Archbishop Viganò has called for the resignation of a number of high ranking officials in the Vatican (including the Pope himself) regarding these corrupt activities — though he has so far been unsuccessful to that end. The same officials in the Church — namely disgraced Cardinal McCarrick — are involved in both child sexual abuse scandals and the aforementioned secret agreement where the Vatican is being paid off to keep silent about the dark activities of the Chinese Communist Party and the manner in which it treats religious and ethnic minority groups in China. The Pope can’t speak out because he’s being bribed — therefore the moral authority of the Church is in question.

On the other hand, if we consider that among the people who dealt with the drafting of the Agreement between the Holy See and the Chinese Communist Party there was then-Cardinal McCarrick, who was sent by Bergoglio on his behalf (see here), we will also understand the reason that the acts of the canonical process that led to the powerful prelate being reduced to the lay state remain shrouded in secrecy: in both cases an operation of transparency and truth is urgent and necessary, because the honor and moral authority of the Catholic Church in the sight of the whole world is at stake.


Liz mentions this article from Lifesitenews written by Archbishop Viganò — and urges everyone to read it in full.

An equitable and honest analysis of the international sponsors of these parties, these “spontaneous” movements and Catholic progressivism reveals a disturbing common thread running through all of these so-called philanthropists who manipulate the political and economic fortunes of the planet with enormous funding. In recent days it has been reported in the news that the Jesuits in America have received grants of nearly two million dollars (over four years) from George Soros, and it seems that the same agreement between the Holy See and the Chinese Communist regime has been financed by large annual donations from Beijing to the Vatican coffers that are in a disastrous state. The fact that the Church fell prostrate before the lockdown, suspending liturgical celebrations and closing churches all over the world, has led to considerable collateral economic damage, for which Chinese donations and the lucrative business of welcoming immigrants represent an obvious compensation. 


These influences overlap pervasively at many levels in the Chinese Communist Party, the Vatican, and elsewhere and in recent years have demonstrably aligned themselves against anyone who does not wish to see a form of totalitarian socialism implemented across the world. Political allies of the Chinese Communist Party ‘don’t care’ about (or don’t understand) allegations of involvement in Chinese military surveillance companies — because they either don’t understand the long-term implications of a Huawei 5G network implemented in the United States, or are already being blackmailed by Chinese Communist Party officials (or other organizations) to keep their silence. The selling-out of infrastructure to the People’s Liberation Army and openly hostile foreign influences represent a vast injustice constituting treason.

These people are EVIL.

Maura Moynihan joined the show and described the desecration of Buddhism as written in ancient Buddhist scripture:

Destroying statues. Killing monks and nuns.
Using Buddhist holy scripture as toilet paper.
The CCP did all of these things specifically, almost as if they were reading a text.


The CCP is reading from a script. A Satanic script. The fact that the CCP has done all of these things according to a superstitious belief system common amongst ranking Party members is key evidence that proves they are a “Demonic Force” in the world.

Six thousand Tibetan monasteries were looted of their gold, of their art, of anything valuable that could be sold in a Hong Kong auction house, and then they were burnt to the ground.


The institutionalization and proliferation of organ harvesting from prisoners of conscious at an industrial scale warrants nothing less than an updated set of Nuremberg trials — though these should not be limited to China and the Chinese Communist Party. They do not provide anesthesia during surgery, only immobilizing agents. That is what makes them evil. Those from various countries in the West — sick enough to have participated in assisting the CCP in committing these crimes — need to face judgement as well.

Whistleblower Movement supporters Alice and Jasmine joined to discuss the destruction of both Tibetan and Han Buddhism, the persecution of the Christian religion in China (again — with paid silence from the Pope), Muslims in Xinjiang, and Falun Gong. There is a clear pattern established over decades of the Chinese Communist Party persecuting minorities and other groups deemed threatening in any way to the regime. Civil society groups are not permitted to exist in China. Instead, the Chinese Communist Party cracks down on its own people and harvests organs from those who find themselves healthy but who have committed no crimes other than exercising what is in effect simple religious or spiritual tendency.

Alice speaks in detail about her Buddhist faith, and how the karmic nature of the religion has caused the CCP to crack down on and infiltrate Buddhism that much more extensively. They have forced the conversions of untold thousands of faithful Buddhists and created tourist attractions out of the remnants of looted holy sites, filling them with fake monks.

And the CCP also pays money to different people to monitor key Buddhist Masters. Cameras are set up in temples and monasteries for surveillance. Key Buddhist Masters — their passports are controlled by the CCP. They cannot even leave China.


Jasmine shares information regarding the persecution of Christians in China, Muslims in Xinjiang and notably quotes from a poem written by Karl Marx. Much of Marx’s work remains hidden — controlled by the secretive elite that are responsible for running Communism globally.

Marx was a Satanist. His poem directly speaks to dark Satanic influences throughout the course of his life that led him to develop a frighteningly commonly accepted yet deeply twisted ideological vision for the world:

"Thus heaven I've forfeited, I know it full well.
My soul, once true to God, is chosen for hell."

“That’s why I think Satan has used Communism as a tool to destroy mankind. Because clearly it is a Satanic product. And we see that Communists have been saying that they are atheists. You see a lot of Communist leaders, they believe and practice all sorts of heresies. And we hear from the Whistleblower Movement, Miles Guo, reveal a lot of leaders, they secretly practice Satanic rituals including Tantra Sex. And you hear the sexual scandals at the RYB Kindergarten, where the military leaders sexually abuse young girls and boys, and yet without any charge.”


Just as there are dark forces that created Communism there are dark forces that control Communism today. Their allies and collaborators will be fumigated out of the shadows to face judgement in the light.

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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CCP Virus ,CCP Lied,The world people died.Take down the CCP !
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