12 Hong Kong people detained in Shenzhen for more than 30 days, and their family members still cannot meet with lawyers entrusted

Translator:Stay; Reviewer: Wencheng

Some family members of Hong Kong residents detained in Shenzhen Yantian Detention Center on suspicion of smuggling, accompanied by Legislative Council Member Zhu Kaidi and others, went to the Hong Kong Police Station for assistance.

The 12 Hong Kong people who tried to flee to Taiwan are still detained in Shenzhen for more than 30 days, while the mainland law stipulates that the detention period is 30 days. The family members are still not clear about the specific circumstances of the 12 people, and the lawyers entrusted have not been allowed to meet with the parties.

The 12 Hong Kong people case is providing concrete examples of Hong Kong people’s concerns about the opacity of the mainland judicial system. According to Chinese official media reports, the 12 Hong Kong residents were intercepted by the Guangdong Coast Guard in the area of ​​the Ninepin ( Kwo Chau) Islands on August 23. However, the Shenzhen police issued a notice on September 13, the day after the family members of the Hong Kong people involved in the case held a press conference in Hong Kong, stating that 12 people were suspected of illegally crossing the country (frontier) and were subjected to compulsory measures, that is, criminal detention.

During the period, a number of mainland lawyers entrusted by 12 family members of Hong Kong people were asked to withdraw from the agency in different forms, and some lawyers were interviewed by judicial authorities or the National Security Agency.


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