Capital News Digest — Sep. 26, 2020

Author: Jiovanni

In the news: 

  • In President Trump’s fourth UN Speech, he blamed China for unleashing COVID-19 and called on the world to hold China accountable for their irresponsible actions on the coronavirus. In addition, he compared the environmental protection records of the United States and China, indicating much needs to be done by China to reduce pollution and conduct environmentally sustainable practices. 
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg, an associate justice of the United States Supreme Court, passed away on September 18, 2020. A liberal icon of the court, Ginsburg held the seat for 27 years. Her passing adds to the fuel of already heated upcoming US elections. President Trump will unveil his nomination to fill Ginsburg’s seat on Saturday, September 26. 
  • After Tucker Carlson Tonight, Dr. Limeng-Yan was interviewed this week by Lou Dobbs, Patrick Bet-David on ValuetainmentWION and CNN-News18 in India. Despite big tech censorship, Dr. Yan continues to spread the truth about COVID-19. Her second paper regarding the coronavirus is yet to be published. 
  • Himalaya Washington DC Farm conducted its first act of exposing the collaborator of the Chinese Communist Party, Baosheng Guo. A self claiming pastor and dissident of China, Guo has been committing fraud to attract donations from the Chinese community in the US, selling the personal information of new dissidents from China to the CCP and distorting the truth about COVID-19. Although Baosheng Guo claims to be anti-CCP, he is a de facto collaborator of the CCP. 

Making sense: 

A text came to a friend of mine this week with the sender saying that they were disgusted by the Republicans’ scheme to steal this year’s presidential election, citing a recent article in The Atlantic magazine. My friend was shocked and responded with his suspicion of how the Democrats were planning to use mail-in voter fraud to achieve the opposite result. 

As a bystander, I marveled at their disagreements, but at the same time I couldn’t help noticing their consensus on the outcome of this election – whoever loses is because the other side has stolen it.

Unlike China, the United States is a country ruled by law. But if the mass population are already doubting the legality of the outcome of the upcoming election, we are not too far from chaos. In their famous book with the same name, Neil Howe and William Strauss called this American era the “Fourth Turning” – it is marked by a crisis when the old civic order is replaced by a new one. 

With globalization, this Fourth Turning is not simply an American phenomenon. The underlying forces are present in almost every country, in different shapes and forms. The tell-tale sign to be on the look-out for is the prominent theme of chaos and confusion. 

Simply look around. The Black Lives Matter movement does not seem to believe all black lives matter, certainly not black cops’ lives. Antifa, named after anti-fascism, is adopting fascistic philosophy and practices. People like Baosheng Guo with a public persona of being an anti-CCP dissident are on the CCP’s payroll to distort all legitimate attacks towards the Chinese Communist Party. 

How could anything be for something but acts against it at the same time? This goes beyond just hypocrisy, it is deception. The CCP is a master of it. 

When the virus first broke out in China, the CCP scooped up most of the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) around the world. Rather than behaving as a responsible member of the international community, the CCP intentionally unleashed the virus beyond its borders. After the CCP got their situation under control in China and while the rest of the world was raging with this virus, the CCP pretended as if it was the savior, donating PPE to countries around the world. In these seeming acts of good will, the CCP’s motive was anything but altruistic.  

Should any country be thankful for the CCP? It was a loaded question six months ago due to the onset of the crisis and the lack of facts. But now in the face of the evidence provided by Dr. Limeng Yan, there should be no doubt that the CCP is the ultimate perpetrator. Is the CCP not to be held accountable? In all this confusion, is the CCP really going to get away scot-free with no consequences? 

The Fourth Turning is supposed to be the most chaotic time in our generation. Regardless, we must hold to our conviction that truth will prevail. There will be deception, there will be lies, there will be much fake news. What seems real at first glance may be proven false. Even the most vocal anti-CCP activists could be the most ardent CCP defenders. Beware! 

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7 months ago

CCP Virus ,CCP Lied,The world people died.Take down the CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !
Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah !



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