9/18 CCP Virus Pandemic Updates Ep238

  1. In response to the Newsweek coverage on September 14 citing a scientific paper published on Zenodo that the novel coronavirus was produced by a CCP’s military lab. The CCP’s media called it “conspiracy theory” and “nonsense.”  However, CCP scientists didn’t make strong refutation against the content of the paper.
  2. Global Times (Huanqiu.com) posted an article: US lawmakers proposed a resolution that called on the US to resume “”diplomatic relations”” with Taiwan and to end the One China policy. Hu Xijin expressed a threat on this: If the U.S. Secretary of Defense visits Taiwan, the CCP should launch missiles flying over Taiwan’s “presidential palace.””
  3. The Central Bank’s deputy governor said, “the digital RBM bears no interest.” The comment was actively browsed on hot Weibo, and it triggered uproar on internet. And, if there is no violation of the rules, no institution shall refuse to accept the digital Yuan.
  4. A Spanish media claimed that CCP hackers stole vaccine information from labs. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin responded: Communist China is leading the world in vaccine research and development, and there is no need to steal.
  5. In Harbin, the comment that the CCP government will not pay for hospital staff pensions triggered protests.  Doctors and nurses of Hulan Red Cross Hospital were protesting outside the hospital: “”We request retirement pension covered! We need social security to live on! ”  What violates the pension right of these hospital staff who have made contributions to society?
  6. A Chinese media reported that India continued to send more troops near the Tibetan border. They were preparing for war.  
    The official Weibo account of China’s Eastern Theater Command said: put aside illusions and prepare for battle. 
  7. (Arirang News, 9/17) Thousands of people in northwest China have been infected with the brucellosis after a leak at a biopharmaceutical company last year.  The Health Commission of Lanzhou said as of September 14th, 21,847 people have been tested, and 3,245 people have contracted the disease.   
    The disease can cause headaches, muscle pain, fever and fatigue, but many of those infected claim they don’t get adequate treatment they need.
  8. (Steve Bannon, 9/17) You got it all because you didn’t stand up in 1933, 34, 35. It all comes either stand up or not. They have biological weapons where everybody knows that. Why? Because they can’t compete with us with nuclear weapons, they can’t compete with the military.   PLA knows that they can’t control the South China Sea. So how they do it, they do on the cheap. First of all they got cyber warfare, they got economic warfare, they have total infiltration to the United States, into our financial institutions, our cultural institutions. They’re in Hollywood, they’re in the church, they’re on Wall Street, they’re in corporate America and then the halls of Congress.  They got relationships with BLM. They’re everywhere, spread money, influence, influence operations.
  9. (9/17) When Dr. Yan opened her Twitter account, I thought to myself, “”It will be lucky if her account can last 24 hours.””  President Trump’s Twitter account was stuck at around 25,000 followers for one or two years as I remembered. Peter Navarro’s account still has fewer followers than Dr. Yan’s. Dr. Yan had more than 59,000 followers only in one day.   What if it were not suspended or hacked? This is what we call justice.  What kind of reaction do you think this will trigger in the West? This is a gift from Heaven.   If not for the CCP’s foolish insolence, Dr. Yan circulating the truth about the virus would not have attracted so much attention around the world.    If not for the CCP’s lying, cheating and stealing, the West would not have felt threatened.
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5 months ago

CCP Virus ,CCP Lied,The world people died.Take down the CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !
Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah !