Secretary Pompeo: Keeping Faith in the Public Square (Part2: Interview)


On Sept. 20, Secretary Pompeo attended the Sunday Worship Service at the Prestonwood Baptist Church and shared his faith in his address “Keep Faith in the Public Square”.

He was interviewed by Pastor Graham and responed to some questions listed as follows:

Pastor Graham: Tell us your views on life and the sanctity of life.  

Secretary Pompeo: So you all have the right end of the stick on this, and that’s important. Never walk away from that. Never round edges on that central issue of human dignity and protecting every human life.

Pastor Graham: How can we as Christians think well of our country and love our country? Can we love our country like we want to?

Secretary Pompeo: We not only can, we must. I think there’s two things.  

One, we have to do this in our civic life in the way we carry ourselves in the world; but second, we need to return to the founders’ central understandings about faith and how this Judeo-Christian nation is central to the world, and we must stand with it and we can’t let anybody try and rewrite history to suggest otherwise.  

It is an absolute imperative that we stand on these traditions and continue to build them up. It’s for our kids and for our grandkids. It’s absolutely imperative.

Source: Secretary Pompeo’s second remarks at the Prestonwood Baptist Church.


Presented by the VOG Rose Garden Team

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