Understand the Truthfulness, Compassion and Ruthlessness of Mr. Miles Guo

The truthfulness, compassion and ruthlessness put forward by Miles corresponds to the concepts of mercy, wisdom and power in Buddhism, and the benevolence, wisdom and courage in Confucianism. Benevolence is the heart of compassion or great love; wisdom is intelligent mind, and courage is the bravery of doing things. Benevolence, wisdom and courage are the threemorals that are inner treasures we all have. If we could tap into the three inner treasures, we will be amazing. Let’s extend this topic in more details.

We all can see that the plane has two wings and a tail. What are these two wings? The first wing represents great love. Itmeans mercy in Buddhism and great love in Christianism. In this respect, the East and the West are completely consistent and both promote great love. However,there are levels of great love, the lowest level of love is not to hurt others, then love others, and the highest level is to love all the creatures.

If we have great love onlyand no wisdom, we will often do bad things with good intentions. For example, in this world especially in China, there are many people who are very kind bearing love in their hearts, but they are always unlucky and bullied. This kind of people is well described by an old proverb “if you make yourself an ass, don’t complain if people ride you”. In fact, their bad luck is not resulted from their kindness and great love, but from their lack of wisdom. Without wisdom, you don’t know how to deal with life’sperplexes in the right way, so wisdom is vital.

The third treasure is courage or power.  In the case of standing up against the CCP, some people do have the great intelligence but they don’t dare to stand out because of fear. But Miles fears nothing, his courage is reflected in Mencius’ words “As long as it is the place of righteousness, I will go against the prevailing trend.”Even if there were a thousand or ten thousand people with swords in front of me, I would dare to rush forward. This is called great courage.  A small courage is a victory over others, and the great courage is overcoming yourself.This is so-called “Eminent personages in ancient times must have had unusual character. Meeting with something that outrages his sense of honor, a vulgar man would take it as an affront, unsheathe his sword and fight it out. This is not to be regarded as courage. Those who have the greatest courage would not be flustered when confronted with a sudden danger, and not be enraged if they be subjected to a willful abuse. This accounts for their great ambition and high aspiration.”

Great love, wisdom and courage are the three inner treasures, which is the loving kindness and wisdom in our traditional term. Loving kindness is mercy or great love; Wisdom is intelligent mind. If we have great love only but no wisdom, we will often do bad things with good intentions. If we have wisdom alone,without great love, it is called rational and inhuman. With great love and wisdom, without courage and power, nothing can be done. Our heroic scientist, Dr. Yan is a living example. She made the decision to release the news right the moment she learned the truth about the CCP virus because of her great love, even if she was very risky ofbeing disappeared. Her wisdom is not only in her profession, but in her ability to assess the situation in such a fairly complex environment. Her choice of Lude Media as a platform for whistleblowing the truth of the CCP virus, undoubtedly is the smartest choice. Now she gives interviews to all kinds of media, and her answers, neither humble nor arrogant, can fully reflect her superior wisdom. Her courage has sustained her from fleeing Hong Kong to now standing at the center of the world exposing the truth about the CCP virus. In the moment of taking down the CCP, with her extraordinary ability, she effectively hit the CCP, awakened the world, and turned the tide. Dr. Yan is an angel who saves mankind, and she is also the pride of Chinese.

How to tap into our three inner treasures will be explained in my next episode, the Way of Mind Training.

Author: Lily

Translator: Lucas

Proof-reader: Squirrel

Original Opinion Article by Himalaya Manor Canada – 2020/09/23

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1 month ago

CCP Virus ,CCP Lied,The world people died.Take down the CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !
Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah !