Hong Kong’s overall living index hits “all-time low” in 2019


Translator: 净水一源 (PureHeart-Yuan); Reviewer:文橙 (Wencheng)

A survey in Hong Kong found that last year’s Hong Kong Overall Living Index was 101.39, down 3.37 from 104.76 in 2018 and the lowest on record, reflecting a decline in the overall quality of life in Hong Kong. And this does not include the greater impact of the enforcement of the Hong Kong version of the Chinese National Security Law this year. The survey predicts that by 2020, Hong Kong’s overall cost of living will “hit a new low”.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies released last year’s “Hong Kong Quality of Life Index”. Among the five categories of health, society, culture and leisure, economy and environment, only the environment category rose to the highest level ever recorded, while the indexes of the remaining four categories fell. Among them, Hong Kong’s “Freedom of Expression” index and “Hong Kong Government Performance Index” were also the lowest on record.

According to Wong Hung, director of the Hong Kong Quality of Life Research Centre, Hong Kong citizens, regardless of their political views, were “dissatisfied” with the Hong Kong government’s “performance” in last year’s Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement, and believed that the Hong Kong government should show goodwill and take citizens’ opinions seriously.

Hong Kong’s health classification index has also dropped compared to previous years, with the stress index and life satisfaction level being worse. According to Chung Yat-Nok, Assistant Professor of the School of Public Health and Primary Care of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the events that happened in Hong Kong in the past year have put the public under great pressure.

Hong Kong’s Economic Classification Index has fallen to its “lowest level” ever recorded. According to many people, Hong Kong’s economic performance was on the rise during the British rule and was among the best in the world. However, after 1997, Hong Kong was not only in a state of “stagnant development” under Chinese rule, but also began to “backtrack” after Xi Jinping became the Chinese President. The enforcement of the Hong Kong version of China’s National Security Law has “pushed Hong Kong to destruction”

Source: https://gnews.org/zh-hans/380268/

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