9/16 CCP Virus Pandemic Updates Ep236

  1. On September 15th, ByteDance claimed that through ingenious institutional arrangements, it retained absolute control over TikTok America. Subsequently, the content of the article was deleted from the entire network.
  2. On September 15, the General Office of the CCP Central Committee issued a document encouraging private enterprises to participate in the reform of mixed ownership. The Communist Party began to control private capital and engage in state ownership in a disguised form.
  3. Dr. Li-Meng Yan released the latest report on the new coronavirus on September 14, which caused a great sensation all over the world. The research paper was downloaded more than 500,000 times and were reported by many media worldwide. On September 15th, the heroic scientist Dr. Yan was banned from Twitter. White House economic advisor Mr. Peter Navarro, Sen. Josh Hawley, and Sen. Marsha Blackburn all tweeted to ask why Dr. Yan’s Twitter was blocked?
  4. Inner Mongolia’s opposition to the new bilingual education reform continued to ferment. CCP police forced the children to go to school by arresting them. If they could not find the children, the police will arrest their parents instead.
  5. The CCP Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited Mongolia on the 15th Sept. More than 100 Mongolians gathered in the square in the capital Ulaanbaatar to protest Beijing’s suppression of Mongolian language and culture.
  6. Strange things are happening in banks in China where you can suddenly “become borrower”: dozens of villagers find themselves subscribed to loans without knowing it, and the bank staff refused to provide any explanation. A victim stated: all of a sudden, I got  notified by the bank saying I had a loan of 10,000RMB(1,480USD)in 2006, but I have never taken a loan in my life.
  7. The CCP’s corrupted cops are using the same methods used by terrorist groups to arrest people in Hong Kong.
  8. (Sen. Cotton, 9/15) What happened before in 2000 is that the President and Congress would review China’s progress towards being a market based economy and protecting human rights. We need to go back to that approach so we can keep the pressure on China every year to stop stealing our intellectual property, to stop stealing all the products that they have been manufacturing based on American design and engineering. We need to put pressure on them to respect the rights of their own citizens to uphold their international commitments.
  9. (Jack Posobiec, 9/15) That 50 years ended up only being about 20 plus, because now they’ve extended their sovereignty. Beijing has extended their iron fist throughout the territories of Hong Kong, the New Territories, Kowloon; the entire area there is now coming under their direct control. That’s why you’re starting to see the new crackdown on Americans going there.If you’re like myself who has a military background, they’re going to bring you in and say “oh this is some you know U.S. intelligence operative who’s coming in to support these protests and undermine our sovereignty here in Hong Kong.”” When in reality what they’re using is this new national security law to crack down on anyone within Hong Kong who dares to stand up for their own human rights and for their own rights as free citizens.
  10. (9/13) Next, the CCP will be very vicious, because the CCP has to make a scene just before its death, right? You just saw that in Australia, the CCP’s company called Zhenhua Data Technology was searching and collecting data on foreign political figures. That’s exactly what I was saying three years ago, BGY(Note 1). Once again, just like the facts exposed in the DOJ file, it shows the Whistleblower Movement intelligence are accurate and authentic.  Look at those who are smearing us, they are renowned figures, mainstream media, some of the most powerful people in the highest positions. Why? Because it’s time for the final showdown, and because we are valuable and capable.              

    Note1: BGY stands for Blue, Gold and Yellow. Blue represents Internet and Media Control; Gold represents money and bribery is used to buy influence; Yellow represents the use of honey traps to compromise espionage targets.)

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5 months ago

CCP Virus ,CCP Lied,The world people died.Take down the CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !
Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah !