The collection of good wishes to Mr. Martin Bannon

Sep 18, 2020 is the 99th birthday of Mr Martin Bannon, the father of Mr Steve Bannon. This old man gave his first-time interview to Lude Talk Show and his blessing to Mr Miles Guo, Whistleblower Movement and all the unknown followers. Many audience have been moved by Mr Martin Bannon and we have collected some representative audience feedback from social media and internet. We would like to use this way to express our gratefulness and respect towards both Mr Steve Bannon and Mr Martin Bannon who are true friends of Chinese people.

Mr Miles Guo: I wrote a letter to him wishing him happy birthday. We are very grateful that he has such a great son who is helping Chinese people to get rid of CCP and I sincerely welcome him to visit my house anytime. I am so moved that the old man is 99 years old but still lives in such a healthy way. Any father of Chinese people who has the high ranking as Mr Steven Bannon could treat old 100 names ( Lao Bai Xing) like this? Could he still live in an old apartment bought 60 years ago? Could he treat a foreigner like this? And anyone in China has ever been treated by people like Mr Martin Bannon before?

Mr Lude: Yesterday I interviewed Mr. Bannon, today I just realized from Mr Guo’s live broadcast that yesterday was Mr. Bannon’s birthday, really a touching moment. And that was even his first time on a live show !

Doctor Guan: Doctor Bo said that Mr. Martin Bannon had teared eyes during the talk show, same to me.

为真不破20:it was so touching! Our great Mr. Bannon is so close to us, just like a family member. We are so lucky that we could watch the show to know this old man! Really appreciate it, the two Mr. Bannon support us in our Movement. This talk show is so special! #TakeDownTheCCP

文明91:Mr. Bannon, a 100 years old man, told us in the most classic words: “ I wish your mission successful ! “ many followers had teared eyes.

ngKong.POST:Mr. Bannon, I watched the live show and saw your father with Mr. Lude, I was almost crying! I only represent myself to sincerely thank you for the selfless devotion and the love from your whole family!You are the true friend of Chinese people, far more better than Henry Kissinger ! Thank You !

天使:Thank you to the great Mr. Bannon’s father for his blessing to New China. Wish him a happy ninety-ninth birthday. This is a very meaningful and special birthday.

Adelin:Thank you for your great support in Chinese Whistle-blower movement! We cannot have what we had now withoutyou. We were all so touching by your father’s warm and encouraging words. We can see clearly where your populist come from. Happy 99th Birthday to Mr. Bannon senior!

The Truth:Mr. Bannon, celebrate your father’s birthday! May God bless you and your family! you are my hero! Moses of 1.4 billion Chinese slaves!

Bo Lu II (文龍):Incredible! Real father! Thank you the old man!  Such a destiny that Mr. Bannon has the relationship with China … …  

火花: Psalm 91:11 “ For he will command his angels concerning you, to guard you in all your ways”, Happy Birthday, Mr. Bannon.

兰德尔娘:Dear Grandpa thank you for cultivating such an outstanding son. Because of his firm belief in God and love for mankind, he fought against demons, just like Joshua. Happy birthday, hope you will welcome that day with us . Love you forever, God bless you

Wenqian:Thank you Mr. Bannon for raising such a wonderful human being,Mr. Steve K Bannon. And we can’t thank you enough for your support to Whistleblower Movement and the Chinese people. Wishing you a belated happy birthday and may God bless you!

雨倩:Happy birthday Mr. Bannon! We can’t thank you and your family enough. We are grateful that your family always stand with Chinese people to fight for freedom! God bless you!

Singapore Himalaya Farm:   Mr Bannon, you represent the Lao Bai Xing in US who are living in a democratic and free world which reminds us of our fathers who are still slaved by CCP in China. In China ancient culture old people with good heart deserves all the respect and carefree life but today in CCP’s controlled China our fathers worry so much about their living cost, their medical expense, if they have no dependence, no one will care for them! CCP has totally erased all the good culture of China and brainwashed people to treat CCP as their parents! This is so ridiculous and we must change it and take down the CCP ! With the blessings of Mr. Bannon we are confident we will win eventually !  Thank you Mr. Bannon ! Wish you healthy and happy all the time!

By Ming Liang and April

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