Overlooking Humanity, We Endorse the Attempt to Objectify Dr. Yan

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These are the responses I received after directing Dr.Yan’s paper and relevant news reports to my friends, the demographics of whom are: scientist, educator, musician, finance expert, IT professional, moderator.

While permitting the responses to distill and ensuring that my docility is not shipwrecked after realizing only a handful of people care enough to follow what has been going on and demonstrate a note of support, I decided to observe how the Internet’s invisible hand is marshaling its allies on the matter regardless of big tech’s histrionics in light of ‘freedom of expression’ at Anti-trusting hearing in July this year. In any case, it is beyond my concern to analyze the atrocities of big tech’s inflictions of Omertà on dissidents speaking against big daddies’ preference of reality. My hope for the world to look at that young woman in their eyes is the lifeblood here.

There is a very subtle yet prevalent phenomenon in the reactions: we respond to the information Dr.Yan delivered, and the sources of the information. For wider audiences, irrespective of whether Dr.Yan/Dr. Li-Meng Yan is telling the truth, it is challenging to deny that we in a way or two discount the humanity behind the screen and treat Dr.Yan as an object, a proxy, an added value, or a senseless bot.

Instead of sharing her anonymous sighs, sarcastic GIFs and emojis or debates in partake of the digital force, she chose to come forward, in front of 7.7 Billion people – have we paused, and asked, how could she confront the surely anticipated crusades of blitzes from all possible dimensions on her claim? If we have, then have we also asked, why she is doing it? What has she been through and what does she ought to endure for her remarks? Remember, she addressed in front of the entire population on earth.

Here I am not to vindicate her research. Far from it. The kernel is really to reverse the lens back towards us, who are in front of the screens, savoring our a-click-away type of freedom. We price-tag ourselves as speculators of her claim, but comment at the worth of experienced participants, as if we x-rayed all copiousness of her writing processes, and possess authorities of placing our views on her work, which, we assume, matter in this case.

We presume she will soon be turned into another futile object of a political fanfare and we ask even if she’s telling the truth, what could be done, endorsing the tradition of our generation: awaiting changes, but made by someone else. But perhaps it is us who stumble at our abilities to believe that truth exists, and greater love for humanity and audacious acts of risking one’s life for others have never been quenched. Or perhaps it is our fear that if we believe, the rest of the world will draw a line against us. Are we allowing lies to hover the starting pages of browsers and social media feeds to extinguish the possibilities of a simple heart of saving lives, or our bandwidths of trusting that humbling truth and an act of courage sustain?

Nonetheless, with all noises fanning the flames, requesting our attentions, the mission of rescuing lives, putting out the fire of the pandemic & taking down the CCP, which from the time of its birth, has been harnessing its countless attempts to purge lives & humanity, I am afraid, is our common priority. For if we can foresee that we and our children will live under the condition where a word could guarantee a ‘disappearance’ under the communist helm, nothing else, not the demand of this or that right, would be nearly significant. But now, while we are waiting for further confirmations of Dr.Yan’s analyses, I call upon you: let mental guards down an inch, with only the hope for the collective wellness of humanity and say, ‘Dr.Yan, thank you for standing up and telling what you believe is true. I don’t know if I can do it if I were you even though I believe what I say. Thank you very much for your courage’.

Author: Joyphie 【㊙️G-Translator Authentic Group】

Proofreader: Sarathecat

(The content of the article only represents the author’s opinion)

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5 months ago

CCP Virus ,CCP Lied,The world people died.Take down the CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !
Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah !



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