Numerous CCP’s Media Reported Lanzhou Brucella Leak Event Simultaneously. Is It a New Declaration of Biochemical Warfare?

Author: Paul Li        

Contributors: Jenny Summerfield; Brain Sanitizer; Magnum 44

On September 15th, 2020, the Beijing News, People’s Daily, Tencent News, and many other Chinese news platforms released the following news almost simultaneously: As of September 14th, 2020, concerning the Brucella leak event of Lanzhou, 3,245 people were confirmed with positive antibodies. Many of these media posted the image below: test result on Brucellosis.

According to these media, from July 24th to August 20th, 2019, Zhongmu Lanzhou Biopharmaceutical Factory used expired disinfectants in the production of Brucella vaccines for veterinary use, resulting in incomplete sterilization of waste gas emissions from production fermenters and forming a bacteria-containing aerosol. During the production period, the wind direction in the area was southeast. Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute is located in the downwind direction of the Lanzhou Biopharmaceutical Factory. Human inhalation or mucosal contact produces positive antibodies, therefore causing positive Brucella antibodies in Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute. However, some students at Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute gave a different version of the story in which there are huge problems in biosafety procedures, and the improper emergency handling method has caused the epidemic to expand.

Brucellosis caused by brucellosis infection is a zoonotic systemic infectious disease, referred to as “brucellosis.” It is also called Mediterranean flaccid fever, Maltese fever, and wave fever. Brucella is very dangerous. In the mid-1950s, Brucella became the first bacteria to be tried by the U.S. military in developing biological weapons due to its convenience to produce and control. After brucellosis invades the human body, the body temperature will rise to more than 40°C and the symptoms of influenza will appear. Brucellosis will have a serious impact on the reproductive system and physical strength, and the disease may relapse.

An alarming aspect of this incident is that the Brucella leak and the release of the coronavirus from the Wuhan P4 laboratory occurred during the same period (from July to December). The Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the Wuhan P4 Laboratory are both top research institutes. It is believed that Wuhan P4 Laboratory has been engaging in biological weapons. And Brucella can be viewed as a biochemical weapon. After the outbreak of Brucellosis infection, post-processing method was implemented to hide the truth from the public. Currently, Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute and Wuhan P4 Laboratory are still in operation.

The timing of the Brucella leak and coronavirus release from Wuhan P4 laboratory might also have to do with the suppression of the Hong Kong Democratic Movement.  It is believed that in order to suppress the Hong Kong Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement, the CCP considered the use of biochemical weapons. Wuhan P4 Lab conducted a partial experiment on the coronavirus, and the experiment got out of control. So is it possible that the Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute also carried out partial biochemical weapon experiments at the same time for the same purpose? However, due to the unknown safety hazards in the experimental operations, the researchers were infected instead. The truth requires more investigation from international experts.

The most disconcerting thing is that many Chinese media released the news of the Brucella incident on September 15th at the same time, which is quite strange. Brucella is a terrorist biological weapon. The news has not been suppressed, i.e., the CCP censored media were allowed to publicize it. Whether or not this is a signal that the CCP wants to release new biological weapons is still unknown.

Mankind is running out of time. If the free world delays the extermination of the CCP in order to protect the interests of Wall Street and political groups in various countries, the CCP will only be more unscrupulous. The CCP has a series of biological weapons ready for use. The CCP also has the ability to send these weapons anywhere they want. When the CCP further harms humanity, the credibility of the political elites of all countries will be completely shattered. Some politicians fantasize about continuing to deceive people into believing that these diseases come from nature, but the people can only be fooled temporarily. The Whistleblower Movement is a worldwide awakening movement, and the enlivened people of the world will surely defeat the arrogant politicians who despise the wisdom of the people.


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