【Hong Kong News】【Breaking News】Where exactly were the 12 Hong Kong people caught? The family called the police for a thorough investigation

Translator:PureHeart-Yuan); Reviewer: Wencheng

Hong Kong police say they have not found any mainland police vessel docking in Hong Kong waters according to the record on August 23.

On September 21, the Hong Kong Police pointed out that the Marine Police Command and Control Centre had checked the records of the navigation monitoring system for the morning of August 23, and did not find any mainland coastguard vessel entering or staying in Hong Kong waters, nor did it receive any request for assistance from the public that morning, and stressed that the arrest of the 12 Hong Kong residents by mainland law enforcement agencies had nothing to do with the Hong Kong Police.

Combatant Viewpoints: [Wen Yue]

As the families of the 12 Hong Kong residents demanded that the Hong Kong police investigate thoroughly into the details of that day, the Hong Kong police could only act in accordance with the procedures, otherwise the intention of shirking the responsibility is obvious. Right now, It has become a mystery in which waters the twelve Hong Kong people were caught that day.

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Source: https://gnews.org/zh-hans/372819/

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3 months ago

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