Yan Li Meng vs Shi Zheng Li –Angel Battle with Demon in Morality and Modern Science

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History often rhymes. When Adolf Hitler seized control of the German government back in 1933, Einstein was visiting the U.S and did not return because of his Jewish descent, and In 1940, he became a US citizen. Just before the outbreak of WW2,  Einstein wrote a letter to President Franklin Roosevelt to warn of a possibility that Germany could develop extremely powerful bombs of a new type and suggested undertaking relevant research immediately, thus the beginning of project Manhattan. Although Einstein supported military enhancement in allied countries, he condemned the idea of facilitating arms race with nuclear power. To call attention to the catastrophic consequences of a nuclear war,  the British icon Bertrand Russell worked with Einstein to compose what became known as the “Russell-Einstein Manifesto”.

Today, Dr. Yan’s story echoes what Einstein did in WW2 by fleeing to the US from the CCP’s totalitarian regime on an effort to speak the truth backed by scientific evidence that the virus is genetically modified and to reveal the CCP’s terrorist nature. If the US as a nation doesn’t take immediate actions to eliminate CCP’s evil regime from the earth, it might be too late before the entire world falls under CCP’s claws.

If it weren’t for the integrity, discipline and goodwill of humanity, modern science could have destroyed us multiple times already. From nuclear to biological and chemical weapons, we are simply in possession of the power that is too great to allow human to make mistakes. Without our own sanity and moral compass, we might soon find ourselves at a dead end before we are forced to submit to arrtificial intelligence.

We have and will always trust in humanity because of heroes like Dr. Yan Li Meng who once again is pulling us back from the verge. Mr. Alfred Nobel who invented dynamite was an advocate of development and peace, and he fought every step of the way to deny the use of his work in military. The Nobel Prize was bestowed to propel scientific development in order to achieve prosperity and peace in the end. Dr. Yan Li Meng not only has extraordinary contributions in virology, but also takes the responsibility of willing to sacrifice herself for the greater good. Her virtues, goodness and love make her a perfect candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize. While other Chinese sicentists alike Shi Zhengli working for the CCP, choose to bury their sense of justice and neglect the value of life in order to be CCP’s mainstream media clowns.

When history is written, the likes of Malik, Pan Liewen, Cao wuchun, Chen wei, Chen fang, and Shi zhengli are merely stumbling blocks, who will eventually be overwritten by heroes like Dr. Yan Li Meng, and goodness comes on top every time in the end. The methodology of science is subject to the morals of fellow scientists, we must not leave the wheel to radical extremists and dictators and allow them to destroy mankind!

Translator:  Viva la vida

Author:   Skagen 【㊙️G-Translator Authentic Group】

Proofreader: Sarathecat

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4 months ago

CCP Virus ,CCP Lied,The world people died.Take down the CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !
Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah !



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