News Briefing on the CCP’s 2020 Conscription, Sept 21

KUNMING[Yunnan, China] — Sept. 21, according to Yunnan Province official website, 21-year old Kunming man, Dong Yun-lei, enlisted for a second term of military service. Dong served a first 2-year term in 2018-2019 and is one of “many who enlist again this year”. Sept. 2, news of “an excellent young man determined to enlist a second time to serve the country” spread out in the local community, “relevant local government departments and officials in charge visited Dong’s family” to “hear about his thoughts” and “offer social services” to “ensure enlistment without concerns”. 


SHANGRAO[Jiangxi, China] — Sep. 18, according to Sina News, Shangrao man, Xu Wen-kui, was added to a local government’s “discredit list of failing to perform national defense obligations” for not fulfilling his military service. The district government official website posted a communique saying, Xu enlisted in the summer of 2020, failed to participate in the pre-service training. The punishment for Xu would be: 1. No less than 10 days of intensive study of National Defense Law and Military Service Law; 2. Be put on the discredit list and a three-year ban on preferential bank credit or interest rate eligibility; 3. A two-year ban on application for government positions; 4. Permanent mark of “refusal of military service” on his household register and a two-year ban on travel abroad; 5. A two-year ban on educational enrollment; 6. A three-year ban on business procedures; 7. A ¥20,000 fine; 8. A press statement on Xu’s behavior and punishment to the public as a “negative example”.


BEIJING — Sept. 19, a WeChat account named “Directly to Beijing” posted an announcement saying after October 1, there will be “enforcement of military service” of the following categories: 1. Retirement of current soldiers will be suspended, and those on vacations should return immediately; 2. Reserve soldiers and students of national defense colleges should be prepared to enlist once required and register as appointed; 3. In accordance to war time needs, the State Council and the Central Military Commission may decide to conscript male citizens aged between 36 to 45 and decide the years of service. This WeChat account was suspended and blocked on Sept. 20. The public is very concerned about potential breaking of a war. 

From WeChat account
From WeChat account

Military Service in People’s Republic of China (PRC) is not compulsory. But according to Xinhua News Jan. 16, 2020, the CCP announced a new policy of two times of conscription and retirement annually, instead of once starting from 2020. This means the number of soldiers enrolled for 2020 and 2021 will be doubled while the retired will remain unchanged. 



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