On the 29th days of detention, 12 Hong Kong citizens’ family requested an investigation

Translator: Guiling; Reviewer: Wencheng

Twelve Hong Kongers, who were arrested by the Chinese coastguard on suspicion of absconding from Hong Kong to Taiwan, are reportedly still in police custody.

On the 29th days of their detention, some of the family members went to the Wan Chai Police Headquarters to report the incident on the 20th, requesting an investigation. They made 3 requests:

1. The police are required to explain details including the date, time, place, and process of the arrest of 12 people by the CCP’s coastguard, and whether there were casualties during the process;

2. The Marine Department is required to provide the radar record of the vessel, and Marine Region were requested to provide the patrol route and location from the day of the incident;

3. The Hong Kong government is required to send someone to personally confirm the status of the 12 people through a meeting or phone call, and to ensure that the lawyer, entrusted by the family, can meet with the 12 people.

According to Congressman Zhu Kaidi, who assisted these families, when 12 people were arrested, the coastguard alleged that they were within China’s territory. However, the coordinates of the 12 people at that time have been a unilateral statement by China.

Zhu Kaidi believes that the Marine Region and the Marine Department have a large amount of radar data that can show the information of the 12 people, including where they departed, the maritime route, and whether the coastguard patrolled the sea at the time, etc. These data have never been disclosed to the families of these 12 Hong Kong citizens.

Source: https://gnews.org/zh-hans/371209/

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2 months ago

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