“Citizens should be disciplined not spoiled”; says NPC member

Recently, at the “NPC and CPPCC meetings” in Foshan, a representative of Fang Ming’s National People’s Congress (NPC) made a shocking statement: “The people should be well-taught (disciplined) but not well-raised (spoiled). Just like a spoiled child cannot become an obedient son, spoiled people may be more discordant.”

After this statement was disclosed on Xinhua.com, it caused an uproar.

Had these remarks come from a feudal official, they would be understandable. After all, in the long history of Chinese feudalism, the emperor was the long-lived master, the ministers were the parents and officials, and the people could only be “grandchildren”. As the younger generation under the imperial power, the people naturally had to be disciplined and strictly demanded. Otherwise, how could they be enslaved?

The Chinese feudal monarchy has been over for a century. But obviously, in some people’s minds, its terrible ghost is still lingering. Thirty-three years after China’s reform and opening up, the Chinese people have been the so-called “masters” of the country for 71 years after the Chinese Communist Party took power. But the truth is, the Chinese people are still not being treated equally.

Surprisingly, it was not an official who said this, but a deputy to the people’s congress who should be responsible for supervising the government on behalf of the people.

Some netizens sarcastically said: “When talking about the people in the tone of ‘teaching’ and ‘raising’, the representative apparently claimed to be the “mother” of the people. Is the relationship between the government and the people is like the relationship between parents and children? Is it the other way around? The people are the parents of their government.”

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3 months ago

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