The Second Wave of Unrestricted Epidemic Information War: “Bat Woman” Shi Zhengli Claimed the Source of the Virus Might Never Be Found

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On September 14th, 2020, Dr. Yan, Li-Meng published “Unusual Features of the SARS-COV-2 Genome Suggesting Sophisticated Laboratory Modification Rather Than Natural Evolution and Delineation of Its Probable Synthetic Route” in Zenodo. Two days later, on the 16th, the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) propaganda “Observer” published a report denigrating Dr. Yan for lying. On the 17th, “Global Times” called the remarks of virus made by CCP as a rumor and conspiracy theory. On the same day, “Observer” also produced another report disparaging Dr. Yan and praising Facebook. All of these reports contributed to the first wave of unrestricted information war in response to Dr. Yan’s sensational report exposing the source of the CCP virus.

The first wave of unrestricted information war was marked by Twitter shutting down Dr. Yan’s account as well as Facebook and Instagram shutting down the accounts of Tucker Carlson, the well-known Foxnews host who interviewed Dr. Yan. This epidemic information war launched by the CCP took advantage of the closure of social media accounts of Dr. Yan and other TV anchors who interviewed her in the United States to discredit and defame her. However, the CCP’s propaganda and the Kleptocrats had their heyday a little too early. The justification of Facebook and Twitter for the closure is “the information in this post about Covid-19 has been deemed as false information by an independent fact-checking institution.” The censorship excuse will become the conclusive proof of the collusion and kowtow of these social media to the CCP and the fact that they are in cahoot with the CCP. Some Congress members have expressed their concerns to hold Twitter and Facebook accountable for their complicity with the CCP to censor free speech and endanger public and national security. In a speech on July 16th, America’s Attorney-General William Barr made a clear warning to these high-tech firms not to act as spokesmen and collaborators for the CCP criminal syndicate.

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On September 18th, “Beijing News” conducted an exclusive interview with Shi Zhengli, the “Bat Woman” researcher of the CCP under the headline “Tracing the Source Is Important, but it May Never Be Found”. This marks a move by the CCP from social media, ideological propaganda and personally defamatory reports on Dr. Yan to another level. The CCP launched the second wave of unrestricted information distortion war against Dr.Yan’s first scientific paper from a scientific research perspective. The CCP also realized that hysterical propaganda, trickery performance of social media and conceited personal vilification alone cannot refute Dr. Yan’s logically rigorous, well-substantiated and factual scientific research paper. Therefore, the CCP brought out their “Bat Woman”, Shi Zhengli, for scientific misinformation and counterattacks. Shi Zhengli’s response was cautious but still full of loopholes. She came out looking like a bat in the dust and was ready to run away before she could make a magnificent appearance. This exclusive interview with Shi Zhengli exposed the following contradictions.

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Contradiction #1: Identifying a natural source but claiming it may never be found

This “Bat Woman” pretended that tracing the virus is important, while said “the answer may never be found”. On February 3rd, 2020, Shi Zhengli’s team published a paper in “Nature” demonstrating that the CCP virus was 96% consistent with the Nucleotide sequence of the RaTG13 bat virus she discovered in a mine of Yunnan province. Since then, the scientific community and public opinion around the world have taken this paper as the basis and cornerstone of the natural origin of the CCP virus. At that time, why didn’t Shi Zhengli remind the scientific community and the public that scientists might never find “which intermediate host plays a role and how the Novel Coronavirus spreads from nature to human beings”. She now proposed this claim, which clearly reflects her helpless responses and surrendering stance after her false bat virus data was refuted and exposed by Dr. Yan’s thesis.

Since there is no intermediate host from nature to human being, and the authenticity of her bat data was exposed as fake and false, why does Shi Zhengli still cling to the conclusion that the virus is traceable to nature and claim that her team is “tracing the natural origin of the coronavirus”? It is like a charlatan whose tricks are unmasked by someone (Dr. Yan) in one place (the U.S.A.), but she still sanctimoniously move to another place (China), under the direction of the charlatan mafia leader. And then she keeps cheating and fooling the fools (brainwashed ordinary people) who worship her and her gangsters.

Contradiction #2: Since the intermediate host cannot be identified, how to pinpoint the direct origin of the virus is the seafood/wet market?

Shi Zhengli talked about the SARS outbreak in 2003, the civet was targeted as the direct source of the virus at the first moment, but it took them eight years to find the original source of the SARS in a mine of Yunnan province. In other words, the Yunnan cave bat contributed to the real source of the 2003 SARS outbreak, signifying the civet as the target of direct source was deadly wrong. By the same token, the CCP’s quick announcement that the virus originated from bats or pangolins of the seafood wet market, has similarly failed to come true. According to Dr. Yan’s report, this so-called Yunnan bat is simply smoke screen to divert academic and public attention from the real source of the virus. This proves that the conclusion that the 2003 SARS and 2019 CCP Virus originated from seafood market such as civets, bats, pangolins, etc. is a complete lie, deception and crime against the humanity. The covid-19 was deliberately uttered by the CCP with the aid of so-called scientists.

Contradiction #3: Coronavirus was quickly detected at the end of December 2019, but “human-to-human transmission” was confirmed on January 20th, 2020

Shi Zhengli revealed in her exclusive interview, according to the nucleic acid test method, the laboratory quickly tested and confirmed positive for coronavirus after receiving the first sample on December 30th.  If she mentioned “quickly”, it means that she would have identified coronavirus around January 2nd. Why did it not happen until January 20th that the “expert” Zhong Nanshan, and not the government announced the virus would be “human to human transmission”? The city of Wuhan was suddenly locked down by the authorities on the 23rd and all of the Chinese people are still in the dark about what’s going on. In early January, Li, Wenliang and seven other doctors were admonished for releasing the truth about the epidemic. On January 18th, Baibuting held a banquet for more than 40,000 families. On January 28th, the Official Weibo account of the Supreme Court said the punishment of the eight doctors was justified because “the new type of pneumonia is not the SARS, and to say that the SARS appeared in Wuhan is to fabricate false information, which caused social disorder and conforms to the law by fabricating and spreading false information”. The information coming out from Shi Zhengli shows how shameless and evil the CCP is now claiming to have made timely disclosures to the public and the world.

Contradiction #4: Claiming to be able to nip the epidemic in the bud stage, while spreading the virus all over the world

Shi Zhengli stressed the importance of long-term monitor of the epidemic. In this way, “early detection, early warning and early intervention should be done to contain the infectious diseases in the early stage. “It’s not a question of whether we can do it, but a question of whether we’re willing to do it on a long term and sustainable basis.” She said she had been studying coronaviruses for 15 years, which is a long-term surveillance study for any scientific research project. She admitted it was not a matter of ability but of willingness to contain the virus in the bud stage. These simple words say it all. The CCP would have been perfectly capable of detecting and intervening early enough to control this virus in the bud stage. But in reality, the CCP is watching the epidemic spread throughout China and wreak havoc around the world. Shi Zhengli’s words proved that the CCP was purely intentional in causing a global virus pandemic that killed nearly a million innocent people.

Contradiction #5: The virus is not a new virus, but it has been named Novel Coronavirus

Shi Zhengli claimed that by high-throughput testing the original virus was verified as “new SARS-related coronavirus.” Then she added that “this novel coronavirus is not a new virus that has just emerged, but it has always been there and we just discovered it”.  How to interpret this seemingly contradictory statement? This contradiction reveals the evil, cunning and cattiness of those researchers like Shi Zhengli trained by the CCP. When she said that the virus was not new, she was trying to find a theoretical basis for natural source of traceability, because it was born naturally, so it had always been there. When they named it Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19, the ostensible reason was that the virus was “new” to the public and the world outside of China. For Shi, Zheng Li’s research team the “new” was just a name, with nothing substantially “new” in it. This is an attempt to confuse the nature of newly man-made of the virus by naming it “new”. All of the institutions and experts who promoted and supported the name of Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19, intentionally or unintentionally, acted as the CCP’s minions and accomplices, hiding the true man-made nature of the virus.

The contradictions in the above five aspects analyzed from Shi Zhengli’s exclusive interview, basically outlined the huge academic and information gap that the CCP’s strategy to use “Bat Woman” Shi, Zhengli to challenge Dr. Yan.  Also these contradictions highlight the fatal weakness of her inability to self-justify what she claimed. Why is a dust-faced “Bat Woman” from a shadowy world so flawed, creepy and slavish? Because there is an angel of wisdom, Dr. Yan, Li-Meng, who has descended to hell and suffered darkness, but does not want the entire humanity to be swallowed by wicked darkness. So Dr. Yan, Li-Meng has pried open a crack bringing back brightness in the devil darkness. Through this courageous crack, those who are awakened in the darkness will walk together to embark on an adventurous journey challenging but infinitely enjoyable towards the ladder of Heaven.


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